Feds Won’t Mandate Vaccine Passports, But Will Help States, Businesses, Schools Develop Standards (Incrementally Push This)

April 5, 2021TOP NEWS OF THE DAY
Feds Won’t Mandate Vaccine Passports, But Will Help States, Businesses, Schools Develop StandardsBy Megan RedshawStates are split on vaccine passport mandates, with some vowing to resist and others embracing the idea as necessary for a return to normalcy, but feds insist their role will be limited to ensuring equity and privacy.
 From Physicist to Activist: New Film Documents Life and Work of Vandana Shiva“The Seeds of Vandana Shiva,” a new feature-length documentary on the life of eco-activist and …
 Scientists Challenge Health Officials on Vaccinating People Who Already Had COVIDScientists warn vaccinating people who already COVID could potentially cause harm, or even death.
 Epidemiologist: We Could Have Reached Natural Herd Immunity in 6 WeeksIn an interview with Alliance for Natural Health International, epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D. …
 How Zuckerberg and Other Big Tech CEOs Threaten DemocracyGoogle, Facebook, Slack and other publicly traded tech companies create two classes of shares — one for the public, the other for founders and insiders. 
 Blood Clot Cases ‘Could Dent Faith of Young Women in AstraZeneca’ + MoreThe Defender’s COVID NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines on COVID-19 and vaccines.
 Pharmacies Score Customer Data in Vaccine Effort + MoreThe Defender’s Big Brother NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines related to governments’ abuse of power, including attacks on democracy, civil liberties …
 What we’re reading …This is your brain on junk foodState sues drug companies over opioidsAmazon uses a lot of plastic. It doesn’t have to.Fracking brings pollution, not wealth, to Navajo landThe toxic spill in Tampa Bay 
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