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In 1956, the State Department created the Jazz Ambassadors.Click Here To Read How the U.S. Used Jazz as a Cold War Secret Weapon in Time Magazine!DOWNLOAD

Billie Holiday, a heroin addict with an abysmal voice, was one of the ambassadors who appeared on the Voice of America.

She was a friend of Malcolm X, whom the CIA used as it created the Nation of Islam, a well-dressed and articulate group, a religious and racial minority, who would solicit the interference of the UN in the USA.

As part of the plot, CIA tried to make Muhammad Ali a political prisoner who would inspire outrage against America.

CIA controlled the media through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of State who commissioned the Jazz Ambassadors, was brother to Allen Dulles, the Director of Central Intelligence.

Dizzy Gillespie, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, led the first tour, which performed in Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and Greece.

It might seem odd that, at the height of the Cold War, the State Department would commission a communist, but that just goes to show what every insider knows:  the Cold War was fake with an international conspiracy of bankers behind both sides, as they sought to drive us to one world government under the United Nations.

They made a similar move with Herbert Marcuse, a commie pervert who worked for the OSS, which later became the CIA, until the State Department made him head of its Central European Section.

You can learn more about the plot to play both sides against the middle, as the Illuminati drive us to one world government, in lectures by Myron C. Fagan.

And you can learn how the Cold War was fake from my friend, Andrea Davison, a former intelligence agent for the Brits who blew the whistle on satanic child abuse and illegal arms deals.

Allegedly, the purpose of the Jazz Ambassadors was to improve the public image of the United States in response to criticism from the Soviet Union regarding our racism.

But, as soon as they got abroad, the Jazz Ambassadors blasted the United States as a racist country.

Declaring that he was white inside, Louis Armstrong sang songs like “Black and Blue” for Prime Minister Nkrumah of Ghana.

CIA wanted the United States to look bad, as it built support among dark-skinned peoples for the interference of the United Nations in American affairs.

Don’t forget:  the Rockefellers are behind the UN, and they are behind the CIA.

The Rockefellers gave money to put the U.N. in New York.

The Rockefellers were pals with the Dulles Brothers.

OSS and MI6 had their headquarters in Rockefeller Plaza.

There the Rockefellers ran Radio City.

There the Rockefellers ran RCA.

You know how the Rockefellers love their jazz.

Meanwhile, the Jazz Ambassadors showed up in Greece, led by Communist Dizzy Gillespie, where thousands protested against the refusal of the United States to support the United Nations in Cyprus.

Here’s Dizzy with the U.N. Orchestra….

Later, CIA would install Colonel George Papadopoulos in Greece, who would ban guitars, but earlier they needed the help of a black jazzman.

Yeah, right….

The Eisenhower Administration hated the Jazz Ambassadors, but its own State Department, led by the brother of the Head of CIA, stood by them.Click Here To Read Voice of America Then and Now at the Cold War Radio Museum!DOWNLOAD

You know what friends of the black man the Dulles Brothers were….

The Dulles Brothers loved their jazz.

That’s why they sent the Mission to Moscow, although they accidentally put a white guy in charge.

That really disarmed Soviet criticism of a racist America.

Granted, Benny Goodman led a mixed-race band, but there were plenty of African-American bandleaders, like Duke Ellington, in the program, whom the Russians would have preferred.

Duke Ellington went to the Middle East and India, to build support among dark-skinned peoples, but only after they made him get thirteen (13) different vaccinations.

Interesting number….

Benny Goodman went to Moscow.

This fed Russian propaganda.

As Cisco Wheeler notes, Benny Goodman was heavily used for mind control.

But what would she know?

Her grandfather’s brother was only our top general.

Here you can listen to Benny Goodman Plays Moscow.

Since the Dulles Brothers loved their jazz, there would be other missions to Moscow.

They kept sending this stuff to the Soviets.

Earlier they sent another mixed-race band, led by a white, Dave Brubeck, to Poland and the Middle East.

Later the Jazz Ambassadors would become virtually all white.

Meanwhile, the Illuminati cluttered albums with their symbols.

Just like the bankers do on our money.

Voice of America broadcast jazz.

Willis Conover was the host.

Conover came from the mind control hub of Maryland.


Below you can learn about their collusion with Twitter.Click Here To Learn How Twitter Teams Up with CIA in Violation of its Own Policies!DOWNLOAD

I’ve had enough of their jazz.

Not to mention the satanic criminals with whom they conspire.

The Bush Family are as bad as the Dulles Brothers.

And they’re just as hooked in with the media.

Check out the globalist logo.

Check out the cartel signaling.

It’s just like brainwaves.

Short-wave radio is just like the microwave harassment used by NSA in V2K.

Voice of America was connected to Radio Free Europe.

My fencing teacher did broadcasts for them.

He was a good man, like many of the jazz musicians, who believed the lies of the Deep State.

When Dr. Zold taught me fencing, at a college Lady Rothschild attended, the grandfather of a classmate was a Nazi cyberneticist who did broadcasts for Radio Free Europe.

You can learn more in my books, which you can download, for free, below.

Here are press releases.

Paris forms part of the backdrop of my books, and it’s also where many black artists moved.

There they used the Eiffel Tower for broadcasts.

The media spreads disinformation.

They tell us we should feel good about the Jazz Ambassadors.

I wonder why….


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