BIOWARFARE PATHOGENS BEING RELEASED on Florida & Texas (By CDC) (Criminal Disease Corporation)

Gangster CDC will release biowarfare pathogens to punish Texas and FloridaMike AdamsThe CDC is a criminal “gangster” organization that has repeatedly turned to bio-terrorism and media propaganda to gain money and power.Over the years, they’ve run media hysteria campaigns about AIDS, Bird Flu, Zika virus and now covid. The goal is always the same: Terrorize the American people and use their fear to gain more power and funding for the CDC itself (while creating a windfall of revenues for Big Pharma, of course).The CDC has a black ops team, and now that Texas and Florida have banned vaccine passports, the CDC will use its black ops teams to target those states with the release of weaponized pathogens — most likely variants or “strains” of covid. This will be used to discredit TX and FL and push for mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports.Read today’s feature story (and hear the podcast) for full details.
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Comment: ALL Alphabet agencies such as CDC, FDA, FBI, CIA, etc. are under control of the AshkeNAZI Mafia aka Rothschild Zionists, British Empire, Anglo-Dutch Empire, Illuminutti’s, Satanists, Pedophocracy, Zionist Synagogue of Satan; Khazarian Mafia. These are names for the Satanic cabal ruling over us & their minions.

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