Proof Children Are the Currency of “Elite” Powerbrokers

INTERVIEWEE:· · · · Children are often used as the
·3· commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles.
·4· And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful, and
·5· they don’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they
·6· are.· So, you provide children to them, your children,
·7· adopted children, whatever.
·8· · · · · · This is how they trust you, you’re as dirty as they
·9· are.· You cannot be exposed because you can’t expose them,
10· they can’t expose you.· If everybody’s just as dirty, you
11· know you’re safe.
12· · · · · · And, like I said, this is a way for them to buy
13· their way into these inner circles and get access to
14· whatever.· Children are the payment and the dirt and the
15· control.

Comment: Above is Page 10 of pdf.

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