POLITICIANS Do Take Bribes. How Else Do You Think Nancy Pelosi is Worth $100 Million on a $223,000 Salary?

Nancy Pelosi Net Worth:$120 Million

Nancy Pelosi’s Salary

$223 Thousand

Ron Wieczorek

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Nancy Pelosi Is Getting a Pay Raise as Speaker of the House …money.com › Everyday Money › CongressJan 3, 2019 — House speakers earn an annual salary of $223,500, according to the House Press Gallery. That amounts to a roughly $30,000 raise for Pelosi, …

Nancy Pelosi Net Worth

How much is Nancy Pelosi Worth?

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Nancy Pelosi Net Worth:$120 Million

Nancy Pelosi’s Salary

Nancy Pelosi Net Worth: Nancy Pelosi is an American politician who has a net worth of $120 million. In her most recent wealth disclosure, Nancy and her husband Paul Pelosi estimated their personal net worth to fall somewhere in the range of $43 million and $202 million depending on the value of real estate assets, stock investments and other private assets.

Nancy is the only woman in U.S. history to hold the position of Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, a role she has served in from 2007 to 2011, and again beginning in 2019.

Early Life: Nancy Patricia Pelosi (née D’Alesandro) was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 26, 1940. She was the only girl in the family, and the youngest of seven children. Her parents’ families both originated in Italy. Pelosi was born into a politically active family; at the time of her birth, her father was a Democratic Congressman from Maryland, and he later became the Mayor of Baltimore. Her brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III, was also Mayor of Baltimore, serving from 1967 to 1971. Additionally, her mother was also active in the Democratic Party, organizing Democrat women. As a result, Pelosi became involved with politics from an early age, when she began helping her father with his various campaign events. She graduated from the all-girls high Catholic high school the Institute of Notre Dame in 1958, and from Trinity College in 1962 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science.

Political Career: Pelosi began her own political career by first interning for Senator Daniel Brewster (D-Maryland) in the 1960s. She later moved to San Francisco, California, where she befriended 5th District congressman Phillip Burton. In 1976 she was elected as a Democratic National Committee member from California, holding the position until 1996. She also served in various other capacities within the Democratic Party during the late 1970s and 1980s, for example as the finance chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

After Burton passed away in 1983, he was succeed by his wife Sala. After she no longer wished to run for re-election, Sala Burton designated Pelosi as her successor, which basically guaranteed that Burton’s previous supporters would also support Pelosi. Following Sala’s untimely death a mere month into her second term, Pelosi won the resulting special election and took office as the 5th District congresswoman in June 1987. She represented the 5th District from 1987 to 1993; the 8th District from 1993 to 2013; and the 12th District from 2013 to the present (as of April 2020).

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