INSTALLED President Biden’s WARS Escalate

Tell President Biden and Defense Secretary Austin: Withdraw troops from Syria and Iraq.

Let’s be clear, simple WON’T be easy. 

U.S. troops should come home, but they must be withdrawn responsibly. It’ll require a humanitarian and diplomatic surge that works to build a sustainable peace, holds war criminals on all sides accountable, welcomes refugees displaced by the conflict, AND addresses the instability and suffering that violence-first U.S. foreign policy has caused. 

Right now, President Biden is Commander-in-Chief of a country fighting “terrorism” in as many as 85 countries (that’s nearly half the globe for folks keeping count). By getting troops out of Syria and Iraq we can take a critical step toward realigning our priorities and putting diplomacy back within reach. 

It is time to admit that we cannot bomb our way to peace — the longer U.S. troops stay in countries in the Middle East and beyond, the longer it’ll take to get away from status quo militarism and move toward peacebuilding efforts like diplomacy.

We face an urgent choice: Diplomacy or Endless War. Troops on the ground ensure war is always one step away. So let’s start to bring them home.

Tell President Biden and Defense Secretary Austin: Withdraw troops from Syria and Iraq.

Since our founding, Win Without War was against sending troops to the Middle East and supported bringing troops home. 

As anti-war activists, we welcomed news of troop drawdowns under the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations while demanding investments in diplomacy and peacebuilding. We are committed to renewing this call to President Biden and hope that you’ll join us in raising your voice now.

Thank you for working for peace,

Erica, Michael, Sara, and the Win Without War team

Comment: Who Biden Represents

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