Containment Agents Have Made Deals With the CIA & FBI

Sadly Although Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips Are the Greatest Whistleblowers Ever I Do Believe They Had to Make Deals to Betray Other Monarch Survivors Just to Survive (She’s Monarch Not MKUltra as She Was NEVER an Assassin)…See Comment Below:

Cathy O’Brien’s claims have been corroborated by a filming of her visit to her Gynecologist. The film shows up close the vaginal carvings Cathy suffered under the hand of Robert Byrd. A face of Baphomet can be seen carved in her vaginal wall that was cut so it could then come forth to be carved. The Gynecologist agrees that it is a “ritual carving”. If thats not proof I don’t know what is. There are also videos of skeptical students traveling to judge Cathy’s story and after an hour with her they are all crying and fully believe her. I have a tough time believing skeptics could be so easily manipulated unless there was some truth to Cathy’s story. I see no motive for Cathy to lie. She has made no money from her books or her very few lectures. If she is a cointelpro plant why would George Bush Sr.’s name be involved? Why would several other very powerful men be named as well? Doesn’t feel like disinfo to me. The reptilian issue may be too much for people but thats their problem. Cathy writes that the reptilian aspect was holographic tech. and part of Alien Themed Programming.
Now Mark Philips is another story.

I believe Mark did rescue Cathy but in order to stay alive Mark struck a deal with his CIA handlers to be a double agent. He actually admitted that. Mark had a well documented history of meeting with MKUltra victims and then trying to convince them they weren’t ever in the program and were schizophrenic or hysterical. Mark did this with Sue Ford who wrote Thanks For The Memories aka Bryce Taylor. Mark’s recent relationship with Shayla Miller is very troubling and the claims of Shayla’s sisters are on video on Youtube for all to judge for themselves. I say all this reluctantly as I held Mark in great esteem for years and do not wish to speak ill of the dead.
I am subbed to Opperman but he gets things wrong and is a bit paranoid if you ask me.

Comment: MKUltra is a Military Acronym Meaning Manufactured Killer Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations. .

Mind Control is a Key Program of These Pictured Satanists!

Mind Control is a Key Program of These Pictured Satanists!

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