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LaRouchePAC–The Biden border crisis was manufactured to sow fear, panic and outrage within the working classes of our nation. The Biden Zombie program is clear, lower the value of human life in every way possible. The cheap labor policies of the free traders, combined with the WTO globalist agenda and the corporatist policies over the last fifty years have destroyed our nation’s productive powers, and eroded the sacredness of human life. Its now time to end this free-trade and cheap labor system once and for all.Cheap Labor Cheapens Human Life
Secure the Border, Build Sovereign NationsMexican President Lopez Obrador with President Trump in 2020Zoom Call Tonight, March 18, 2021Kesha Rogers, LPAC Texas
Michael Steger, LPAC West Coast
7pm et – 6pm ct – 5pm mt – 4pm pt 202145Lyndon LaRouche said in 2005 in his “Vernadsky and Dirichlet’s Principle“:”As a result of this practice of so-called ‘globalization,’ the potential population-density of the planet is being driven toward levels far below the present level of world population. Globalization is, therefore, the practice of genocide, as in Africa, but also on an increasingly global scale.”Tonight’s Zoom discussion will present the only scientific approach for ending this insanity: secure the border, establish a system of sovereignty for all nations, and then build like we have never built before!  From the western drought to the floods in the Great Lakes, we see the need for real economic development. We are a nation of builders, and with the American spirit we can build our way out of this crisis, and any crisis. Join Tonight’s Discussion on Zoom Thursday, March 18, 2021
 7:00 PM EST – 4 PM PST
Zoom Video LinkPasscode: 202145Or Telephone:
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+1 646 558 8656, New York
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+1 346 248 7799 HoustonWebinar ID: 793 1619 5777
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