[ZIONIST] Europe Detracts from Its Own Failure by Attacking Russia and China Not Wanting $17,000 Electric Bills Like in Texas

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Europe Detracts from Its Own Failure by Attacking Russia and China

Feb. 22 (EIRNS)—Despite an offer by Russia, with backing from leading virologists, to supply Europe with its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, the EU has refused to certify the vaccine, although it is becoming more evident by the day that the European vaccination campaign is doomed to fail without vaccine imports from Russia and China.The chief infectious disease specialist at the Medical University of Vienna and Chairman of the Austrian Society for Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine Florian Thalhammer compared the reliability of the Sputnik V vaccine with that of the Russian AK-47 assault rifle:“Sputnik V is like a Kalashnikov rifle, a Russian rifle: simple, reliable and effective. The promising data were published in a very respected journal—though late, but nevertheless. In the first and second doses different virus vectors are used, which increases efficacy,” the professor said in an interview with Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung. (https://www.krone.at/2348170)Austria is one of several European Union member countries considering using the Russian vaccine.Leading mainstream media have begun a detraction from this disastrous job, attacking Russia and China on the basis of claims they want to misuse the situation to increase their own geopolitical spheres of influence by exporting vaccines to the rest of the world. The German national TV morning magazine, for instance, carried this fake news, citing as ostensible examples Serbia, Egypt and Venezuela where the Chinese and Russians have delivered vaccines already.Regarding Serbia, the EU should really shut its mouth, because the Brussels eurocrats excluded supplying the Serbs with any vaccines on the grounds that Serbia, not an EU member, is not a member of the club. [

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