U.S. Vassal Japan Does as It’s Told; Anything to Avoid Mass Murder Like WW2

Japan to build missile to strike Russia

 28.01.2021 20:07World » Asia

Japan intends to build a missile, which, if necessary, could strike Russia.

The Japanese government plans to increase the range of the Type 12 Khitonisiki missile, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Japanese publication Mainichi Shimbun.

Currently, the missile is capable of hitting targets within the range of up to 200 kilometers. It is assumed that when modernised, the missile will be able to cover distances of up to 900, and then 1,500 kilometers. In addition, Japanese engineers will make the modernised missile invisible to enemy radars.

Once the upgrades are complete, the missiles are to be deployed at US bases in Asia so that they could reach targets in Russia, China and North Korea.
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 28.01.2021 20:07World » Asia

Int’l Zionism’s Racist HATRED Towards Japan

 January 15th, 2021  Awake Goyim

Comment: America’s yahoos support these bigots. Slap a Jap illustration in one of our RACIST, ZIONIST Media!

International Zionism’s Racist Antagonism Towards Japan

 Insight Media StaffJune 14, 2019

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid a visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran this week in a historic event as the first Prime Minister of Japan (the highest office in Japan after the Emperor) to visit the Islamic Republic since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Abe went with sincere intentions, according to Imam Sayed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Revolution. However, it was obvious that Abe had been pressured by America to deliver a message to Imam Khamenei, who refused to negotiate with America’s terrorist government.

Not only did America and “Israel” create ISIS, they have been hostile towards the world for at least the past 100 years and have not been sincere in recognizing the rights, sovereignty, nor self-determination of other nations. This is a situation not unique to Trump and Netanyahu, but has been the status quo since at least Woodrow Wilson, who was coerced by Zionist extremists like Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis to enter World War 1. Little did Wilson know that this was a tit-for-tat for the Zionists of Britain who promised the UK that America would enter the war if they promise Jews a homeland on top of Palestine.

The only president to stand up to this status quo was John F. Kennedy. His behind-the-scenes war against “Israel’s” attempt to develop nuclear weapons led to Ben Gurion’s resignation. For this defiance of global Zionism, his brains were blown out in public view. Afterwards, global Zionism has had a firm grip on American politics, culture, media, and finance. Together, global Zionism and Western imperialism have been the cause of most of the world’s misery, poverty, wars, death, and environmental pollution.

Japan is no stranger to such death, destruction, and hostility from the hands of America and international Zionists.

Since the American empire forcibly opened Japan’s borders to the outside world after hundreds of years of quasi-isolationism, the U.S. has imposed lopsided, unfair treaties on Japan. As usual, the U.S. broke most of those treaties. The Islamic Republic of Iran has experienced for 40 years what most of the world experienced for more than 100 years because it refuses to be a colony.

The Islamic Republic knows its own history and world history, which fuels its basira (deep insight) that gives it the logical and moral justification for not trusting the U.S. and “Israel.” Japan has the history, but due to America keeping Japan under its thumb, both politically and culturally since the end of WW2, even if its leaders wanted to have some form of independence from the two-faced American empire, they have very little room to do so and would have to resort to long-term smart diplomatic chess moves in order to slowly gain back their full sovereignty.

The book Japan Bites Back is a compilation of important yet underrated historical documents from Japan’s National Diet Library edited by former Press TV correspondent Joshua Blakeney. The documents he gathered show a different side to the official narrative of WW2.

Contrary to the pro-Zionist, pro-imperialist version of history, Japan wasn’t a “fascist empire” who “genocided” other Asian nations. Rather, they were a pan-Asianist liberationist force helping other Asian nations find independence and self-determination, removing the shackles of both Western imperialism and Soviet Bolshevism from East Asia. This is not to paint Japan as a utopia or free of blemishes, but hardly the “genocidal fascists” caricature shoved down our throats from preschool and up.

Many of the documents from Japan’s NDL demonstrate the historical context of Pearl Harbor. The narrative we are force fed is that Japanese people were a bunch of Emperor-worshiping psychopaths who attacked America for no good reason at all. Rather, it was the American regime who is the arrogant sociopath dominating the world, which put Japan in the position to retaliate.

Those who are interested in seeing America’s historical hostility to Japan can read Blakeney’s book as well as observe history. However, this article will focus on what is more generally glossed over: the antagonism of International Zionism towards Japan.

The introduction to the book was written by Mr. Blakeney himself and noted that many of the individuals who were fomenting hostilities against Japan — especially as its resistance to Western colonialism and Soviet Bolshevism increased and such a liberationist ideology was embraced by top Japanese officials and generals — were Jewish Communists (who were supportive of the Zionist ideology).

Blakeney states that Japan’s rapid development and regional influence threatened the British, Dutch, and American empires who were engaging in oppressive neo-colonial activities in East Asia. For example, America had taken the Philippines in 1898.

Additionally, Japan posed a threat to the newly emerging Communist superpowers. Japan’s stance against Western imperialism angered many international Jews who tilted towards the capitalist spectrum, but Japan’s anti-Marxist stance also angered many influential Jews who were active in the Communist side of the spectrum, especially due to the Soviet Union providing a shield to Jewish supremacists and Zionists due to laws against legitimate criticism of Jewish racial supremacism and hostility towards Jesus Christ. Both the Christians and Muslims of Russia (with the support of Russia’s Tsar) greatly curtailed the ability of Jewish supremacists to engage in practices such as usury and Christ-hatred (the Jewish Talmud in Gittin 57a states that Jesus is in hell in boiling excrement – you can buy the Rabbi Steinsaltz Hebrew-English translation on Amazon to verify that this is not a fake quote). All of these policies to curtail Jewish anti-gentile racism were reversed by Vladimir Lenin after the Romanov family was ritualistically murdered by Trotsky and his band of Zionist Bolshevik terrorists.

“Indeed the pioneers of anti-Japanese propaganda in this epoch were often Jews, the most prominent of whom was Wilfrid Fleisher,” wrote Blakeney in Japan Bites Back. Fleisher worked for his father’s news outlet, The Japanese Advertiser, where he pushed an editorial line in favor of Chiang Kai-shek of China and against any kind of regional self-determination in East Asia. The Japanese government shut down this vile and racist propaganda outlet in 1940 and even arrested or deported many staff members.

Fleisher weaseled his way to the U.S. to continue his anti-Japanese propaganda.

Morris Cohen worked as Kai-shek’s liaison officer to foreign consulates during the same time period. South Africa’s Sunday Express once referred to Cohen as “the guiding genius behind the warlords of China.”

Harold Isaacs was a Communist skilled in the art of propaganda, who used his abilities to assist anti-Japanese forces in the quest to Bolshevize East Asia. He wrote a book The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution, which was promoted heavily by Lev Bronstein, who is more commonly referred to as Leon Trotsky. Trotsky was a Christ-hating racial supremacist who targeted Christians and Muslims in Russia using the full weight of the iron fist of Soviet Communism.

Trotsky’s comrade Adolph Joffe helped to form the Red Section of the Kuomintang and even became a political advisor to Kai-shek.

The Chinese Red Army operated under the advice of several Zionist Jewish Communists. In the political sector, Ludwik Rajchman and R. Haas had political sway in the Nanking Chamber of Commerce and were removed from power when Japan invaded Nanking in 1937. The book What Really Happened in Nanking? by Tanaka Masaaki presents primary sources to challenge the official narrative of what happened. It only makes sense that Jewish supremacists would fabricate a calumny against Japan in revenge for removing them from political power in Nanking.

The sad irony of Jewish supremacists pretending to be a friend of the Chinese people is that much of China’s plight prior to the revolution was due to Jewish supremacists. The Mizrahi Jewish Sassoun family from Iraq was running opium into China, which destroyed Chinese society by turning honest, productive people into destructive addicts.

Harry Dexter White was a prominent Jewish racial supremacist and Communist who worked in the US Treasury. He was close with Henry Morgenthau (re: Morgenthau Plan) and helped to engineer many of America’s economic sanctions against Japan. Blakeney notes that “Ralph Townsend, a U.S.-based journalist who was imprisoned for his pro-Japanese thoughts (on the personal order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt), noted how within foreign policy circles [existed] ‘Liberalist Jewish writers, who are rather numerous … favor Russia.”

We see this relationship of Zionist Jewish racial supremacists egging on power hungry American gentile politicians and other powerful people into wars in our modern day. International Zionism and the Anglo-American empire are partners in crime when it comes to inflicting misery on innocent people around the globe.

Bush’s cabinet was almost entirely filled with Zionist Jewish neoconservatives who almost all were part of this nefarious think tank called the Project for the New American Century, co-founded by Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. Wolfowitz, Perle, Kagan, Libby, Feith, Zakheim, Abrams, Chertoff, Frum, etc. are just some of the criminals who helped to murder nearly 2 million people in the Iraq War. They all pushed America into war with Iraq in the same way these Communist Jewish supremacists pushed America to war with Japan. It is no coincidence that neoconservativism was created by former Trotskyites, namely its godfather Irving Kristol.

The same neocons who spearheaded the false flag war on Islam (with their main target being the Islamic Republic of Iran) are literally cut from the same cloth as the Trotskyites who spearheaded the push for war with Japan, since the founding fathers of neoconservatism were previously Trotskyites.

As mentioned before, there were many non-Jewish elements pushing for war with Japan. However, most of these warmongers were also working side-by-side with anti-gentile bigots.

Not to mention that the Jewish-Zionist Rothschild banking dynasty controlled the national treasures of most of the European countries that were at war with Japan. They do not want to see independent nations emerge from among colonized regions. The fact that Japan assisted Asian nations in achieving independence was a big no-no for the bankers.

Japan was defeated by the genocidal, heartless, and Satanic invention known as the nuclear bomb, the godfathers of such technology have the last names of Oppenheimer, Teller, Cohen, and Einstein.

Just by this history alone, it is easy to see just how hostile International Zionism has been towards Japan. International Zionism only “respects” those who are subservient to its will. Those who are independent are thus dubbed as “extremists,” “fascists,” “antisemites,” “terrorists,” et al.

Aside from Japan wanting independence, on the most basic level Jewish supremacists are racist and bigoted against all gentiles (non-Jews, or the derogatory term they use “goyim”), no matter if the gentile nation/group in question is black, white, brown, etc.

“Only Jews are human. Non-Jews are not human.” – Babylonian Jewish Talmud, Bava Metzia 114b

Even the “goyim” who are subservient to them, they still do not respect. Like Malcolm X’s parable of the House Negro and the Field Negro, the House Negro is still a slave and no matter how much he loves his master, his master does not love him back and still views him as less than dirt.

All self-respecting peoples around the world know that oppressive forces will only “respect” them once they abandon their self-respect and independence.

That is why today we see Jewish supremacists and their Shabbos Goyim clientele — whether they be right-wing Washington D.C. think tank neoconservatives or left-wing Trotskyite SJW hipsters — feign respect for Japan, but the moment any Japanese seeks to reaffirm their own sovereignty, independence, and self-determination, automatically they are labeled as a “fascist” and “Hitler lover.”

Such as is the case with this skinny-jeans-wearing, soy-milk-binging, gentrified-neighborhood-living, whiney SJW white hipster (who espouses Trotskyite ideology) kvetching about how Japanese self-determination equals “fascism” and “Hitler.” Such is the discourse in 2019: if you disagree with someone, simply compare them to Hitler to shut down the argument.https://www.youtube.com/embed/IHJsoCAREsg?feature=oembed

While he kvetches about how Japanese nationalists gloss over alleged Korean comfort women and alleged massacres at Nanking, he intentionally glosses over the real and actual nuclear annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thereby passively glorifying it as necessary to defeat “fascism,” like an atomic punch in the face from a purple-haired anarcho-Trotskyite antifa activist from Portland, Oregon. Vox was founded by Jewish supremacist Ezra Klein. In the 1930s, it was Wilfrid Fleisher making propaganda to stifle Japan’s self-determination. In 2019, it is Ezra Klein and his army of soy milk drinking, beta male (unless they don’t want their gender to be assumed) hipsters on Vox trying to prevent Japan from regaining its dignity. Imagine the arrogance of an American coming to Japan and telling them they can’t have self-determination, and if they do then they’re “literally Hitler.”

They’ll respect all the superficial aspects of Japanese culture, or any “goyim” culture for that matter. Chopsticks, ramen, sushi, onsen, anime, and even destructive behaviors like pornography and alcohol — basically things that revolve around the stomach and private parts. On a side note, alcohol use in Japan is not wild or rowdy like other countries and cultures, but since both International Zionists and Anglo-American imperialists engage in cultural imperialism in Japan, there may certainly be an outside push to make Japan’s alcohol culture much more vile and destructive like most of the world is. When it comes to pornography, well we know who dominates in that industry (they admit it themselves). Japan has many traditional values — such as faith (Shintoism, Buddhism, and to a lesser extent Christianity and Islam), family, respect, modesty, and morality — which the Zio-imperialists seek to obliterate with secular nihilism. This is not only true in Japan, but throughout the world where we see Jewish supremacists pushing secular liberal internationalism on entire nations with the goal of destroying the God-centric family unit.

When it comes to actually respecting Japanese, which includes respecting their self-determination and their nation’s dignity, these International Zionists and Western gentile imperialists have zero respect. That is when their true colors are shown.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has stood for its political, social, and, most important of all, spiritual/religious independence and has helped to export such aspirations of self-determination and dignity to nations in the region (without forcing said nations to follow any certain religion!). These same International Zionists and Western gentile imperialists will “respect” Persians when it comes to carpets and kabob, but when it comes to actually respecting Iran, their true colors are shown.

Japan and Iran have a lot in common in this respect, and that is why Japan and Prime Minster Abe should seek a growing friendship with the Islamic Republic, based on genuine diplomacy as well as the need to strengthen each other’s independence from Global Arrogance.

Mr. Abe was once a part of a historical revisionist research group that rightfully sought to use facts and primary sources to reverse the Zionist and American distortions of their history. When Mr. Abe visited the contentious Yasukuni Shrine, which commemorates those who defended Japan from American onslaught in World War 2, it was none other than Jewish supremacist Amitai Etzioni who said “Unlike Japan, [Germany] faced their past, came to terms with it and learned from it. Japan should do the same.” This is a soft way of saying that any Japanese who has an ounce of self-respect and dignity is automatically “Hitler.”

Due to his background in working to reclaim Japan’s historical image from falsehoods and unfair distortions, Mr. Abe should be at least somewhat aware of Japan’s friendship with the East Asian Islamic world, such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

This alliance is yet another wrecking ball into the narrative of Japan being “fascist,” and establishes Japan as a pan-Asianist liberation force who exported self-determination across East Asia.

In Indonesia, the Japanese Imperial Army supported Muslim revolutionary leader Ahmad Sukarno against the Dutch occupation. Sukarno would eventually become Indonesia’s first president. One of the militant groups of the Indonesian National Revolution fighting against the Dutch was actually named Hizbullah! The Indonesian Hizbullah was founded by Muslim politician Sekarmadji Maridjan Kartosoewirjo in 1942 and received support from the Japanese Imperial Army. While the modern Japanese state erroneously labels Lebanese Hizbullah as a “terrorist” organization (perhaps due to Western pressure), Mr. Abe should know Japan’s history with Indonesia’s Hizbullah. While the Indonesian Hizbullah eventually went off course and fought against the newly independent Indonesian republic, the Lebanese Hizbullah has proved itself to be a good actor in the region and is clear from all charges of being a “terrorist” organization. It was Lebanese Hizbullah, along with Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Russia that defeated ISIS.

Islamically speaking, Muslims do not have a problem with polytheist religions or governments so long as they are not hostile towards Muslims. We may disagree with their theology, but if they’re not fighting against us nor oppressing us, we respect them as human beings and do not interfere with their right to practice their beliefs. The Qur’an’s verses about fighting polytheists are about those who hold the reigns of political power and use it to actively oppress and fight against the believers. Even then, it is only to engage in self-defense and resistance against the oppressive powers, not to target innocent civilians wantonly.

Old Japan’s case is quite the opposite of hostility! Despite their polytheistic Shinto religion, they helped Muslims to overthrow the colonialist occupations of oppressive Western imperialist regimes that are run by Satanic polytheistic freemasons who pretend to be “Christians” (whose governments are financed by Jewish supremacist central bankers).

Hopefully Mr. Abe’s awareness of this history, even if a rudimentary awareness, can lead to him re-establishing ties to the Islamic world, especially the good actors of the region who fight against terrorism, namely the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Aside from the hipster millennial propaganda videos of Vox, International Zionism actually poses a much more serious threat to Japan, and not only to its independence, but to its safety and security as well.

In January 2019, two “Israelis” were arrested by Japanese authorities for the “biggest gold smuggling operation in [Japan’s] history,” according to the Times of “Israel.” Like parasites, “Israelis” do not respect their host countries well-being.

Aside from Japan’s financial security, “Israel” poses a threat to Japan’s physical safety. Not-so-coincidentally, at the exact same time that Mr. Abe was meeting with Imam Khamenei, two oil tankers which were carrying cargo to Japan were allegedly attacked in the Gulf of Oman. This is clearly a false flag — the operator of the ship bravely contradicted the American ZOG’s official story. Mossad seems to be getting amateurish with their false flags, as the timing of the incident makes it obvious. However painfully obvious that these attacks are suspicious enough to make it a false flag, the American ZOG was quick to blame Iran as the most likely culprit. How arrogant considering America’s role in creating ISIS by arming/funding al-Qaeda-allied rebels in Syria, to which “Israel” has openly admitted supporting such terrorist “rebels.”

It is worth noting that the ships and their crews were rescued by Iranians.

If the Mossad is willing to go to such desperate lengths to provoke war and tensions against Iran, then Japanese intelligence should be keeping a watchful eye on all “Israelis” who are in their country, legally or illegally.

With the Olympics and Special Olympics coming up in 2020, it is very possible that Mossad could be planning a false flag attack on the Olympic stadiums and/or athletes in order to falsely blame it on Iran or on Palestinian/Lebanese resistance groups. Hundreds or even thousands of lives could be at risk and it is very important that if — GOD FORBID — anything were to happen, justice is achieved and the wrong people/nations are not blamed for the crimes of “Israel’s” clandestine intelligence operations.

Iran is clearly against terrorism and is not against the American people, but rather the malicious American government that is run by International Zionists and gentile imperialists, which doesn’t even abide by the principles of the U.S. Constitution nor Bill of Rights. Iran has no history of attacking civilians nor waging wars of aggression. Their support of resistance groups in the Middle East is just that: resistance, which is a form of self-defense, not initiatory violence and certainly not “terrorism.”

Hopefully Mr. Abe’s visit to Iran — that is, the part of which was genuine and not the aspects which were coaxed by America — is the beginning of Japan’s slow return to self-determination and independence.

As Khamenei.ir states:

The Leader of the Revolution welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister’s suggestion of expanding relations between Japan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and reminded his audience: Japan is an important country in Asia, and if they are willing to expand relations with Iran, they should prove their sincere willingness– just as some important countries have shown their interest.

Referring to the forty years of hostility that the U.S. has shown to the Iranian nation and the continuation of the hostility, the Supreme Leader maintained: We believe that our problems will not be solved by negotiating with the U.S., and no free nation would ever accept negotiations under pressure.

Ayatollah Khamenei then responded to remarks by the Japanese Prime Minister on how the Americans have always wanted to impose their own beliefs and views on other nations and stated: It is good that you acknowledge this fact, and you should also know that the Americans will observe no limits in imposing their views.

Given that in both past and present, Japan and Iran are both victims of Western imperialism and International Zionism, they can work together to establish a multi-polar world free of double standards, hypocrisy, and bullying. Iran’s stance against Wahabbi terrorism can help to inform Japan about extremist threats within its island borders. Islamic Iran’s reverence for the traditional family unit can help Japan rediscover its traditional roots and remedy the issue of a declining population rate. Japan’s economic self-reliance can help the Islamic Republic achieve Imam Khamenei’s vision of the “economy of resistance,” which seeks to make Iran self-reliant instead of dependent on imports from foreign powers.

This friendship has many potentials. In the past, Japan once said no to Western imperialism and no to Eastern Soviet Bolshevism; yes to independence and self-determination for East Asian peoples. In 1979, Iran said the same thing: no to the West (capitalism), no to the East (Communism), just an Islamic Republic.

Islamic Iran has not imposed Islamic governance on other nations. Rather, like Old Japan, it has exported self-determination and independence for other nations. It is thanks to Iran that Aramaic-speaking Christians in Maalula, Syria, can freely practice Christianity after Lebanese Hezbollah defeated ISIS and al-Nusra.

These two nations have a lot in common and can contribute to a brighter future for all of humanity. Contrary to what the media says about Japan and Iran, both nations stand for peace. Despite that, both nations are subject to a disproportionate amount of lies and distortions because the warmongers and mischief makers hold the levers of power in global media and academia.

Unfortunately, the modern day Japanese Self Defense Forces have been an ally of the very country that brought Japan to its knees. The Japanese military even followed America into the illegal invasion of Iraq. The same Zionists that pushed for war against Japan in the 1940s also pushed for war against Iraq in the 2000s. The tragic irony is unmistakable here. One thing Japan must learn from Iran is to find a way to make themselves truly independent and based on a moral compass. Being servile to the United States is not honorable and not fitting to the Japanese military which was once known throughout East Asia as a liberationist force that broke the shackles of Western imperialism and Soviet Bolshevism. If Mr. Abe is truly a Japanese nationalist, then he should seek to restore Japan’s independence and self-determination in the most practical extent possible given America’s unyielding pressure over the island nation.

While Mr. Abe’s visit was limited to talks of diplomacy and strengthening economic ties, hopefully it is the beginning of a new page for Japanese-Iranian relations.

Update 11/3/2019: Remember when ISIS (a creation of the Mossad and CIA) kidnapped a few Japanese journalists (they made the mistake of going into Syria illegally, from what I understand – perhaps they would have had a different fate if they went in legally via the Syrian government’s visa process)? They were in jail for a long time. Only when Abe-san sign an aid package to Palestine, Daesh just happened to pull these people out of prison and behead them. That means that ISIS acts according to “Israeli” interests, and that “Israel” has Japanese blood on its hands.00

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