How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Account to Start Trading in Cryptocurrencies

#1. You must have a Bank Account and Use a Laptop. (I used a Tablet and it was horrible!)

#2. You go to an Exchange Such as You will have to upload your I.D. and Laptop will do this way better than a Tablet. If you have difficulty with this ask the Librarian for help.

#3. You follow Their Directions to Open an Account and Link it To Your Bank Account Above. (If you have difficulty doing this [which many people do] your Banker should be able to help you.)

Voila! You are ready to trade. You can transfer a set amount such as $100 or $1,000 into a Dollar denominated coin such as USD Coin.

You can then CONVERT from USD Coin into about 20 different Cryptos on Coinbase! ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: It is a good idea to research what coin you are investing in and see if that is the objective you agree with. I am almost 100% certain that in the short term you will be thrilled at the gains. As a Buyer Beware though there is a dollar Bail-In coming with Bank Holidays and disappearing savings, hyperinflation and poverty. The cryptos are an alternative but keep in mind if internet is down you can’t access your cryptos.

I strongly advise you to get $20’s , $5’s and $1’s and store them in hiding in case this happens. Also, stockpile food, beans, rice, Ramen, canned foods, dried/dehydrated foods, etc. Silver, Gold, Platinum, Paladium and Jack Daniels would be good too.

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