USA is Now USSA-Communism and USSR in Free Fall

Comment: I like Jeff Berwick and agree with him on 99% of what he says. But I do NOT agree on Austrian Economics. Economics should be based on fair pay for hard work and equitable taxes. Cryptos (I believe) are a CIA Deep State Creation as the Deep State (Anglo-Dutch SATANIC Empire) Takes Down Amerika and All English Speaking Nations Destroying the FIAT Currencies to Be Replaced by Digital Currencies. (Including the EU Which is Run by Amerika’s CIA ….why else would we have so many military bases there?) Every country hosting a United States Military Base is controlled by the United States including Japan, Italy, Germany, etc.-ALL COUNTRIES DEFEATED IN WW2 Are Now Vassal-Puppets of the United States.

As much as I like Jeff Berwick I cannot ignore his Secret Society Hand Signals several times throught this interview.

In MY Opinion the Last Thing These Secret Societies want is this:

An ARMED, CRITICALLY THINKING, INTELLIGENT, AWAKE POPULATION READY TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST THE TRAITORS WITHIN. These traitors within are owned by the Secret [Satanic] Societies. Be informed and Be Sceptical. The traitors include almost every member of Congress except for Gabbard (HA) and Massey (KY), ALL A List Celebrities Particularly Those Promoted by Criminal Syndicate Owned Media, Media Itself, Democratic & Republican Parties, Presidents Past and Present, Vice Presidents Past & Present, MONSANTO, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight, & Those Supporting Abortions at the Top, Elite 13 Satanic Families as Their Cohorts of the Ninth Satanic Circle & Their Minions (Brainless, Greedy Followers), Military/Industrial Complex and ALL Members of the Secret Societies-Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Included as well as Bill Gates.

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