Josh Hawley to Challenge Election Results January 6th

Josh Hawley to Challenge Election Results on January 6th

By infostormer -December 31, 20200

Finally at least one senator has come out and said that he’s definitely going to challenge the election results. Josh Hawley announced yesterday that he plans to object to the election results come January 6th.

I have no idea if this is some sort of weird stunt or whatever, but there are many Jews who are very angry about Hawley’s announcement.

The Jew Chuck Schumer claims this is undemocratic. Actually, what’s undemocratic is counting millions of illegal and fraudulent votes and this is exactly what happened in the 2020 election.

At least this means we will see a debate and vote in Congress over this issue. We also have the issue of alternate electors that will have to be addressed.

But honestly at this point, I’m skeptical that this will go anywhere. There’s far too many turncoats and shills among congressional Republicans. They want to get rid of Donald Trump and go back to business as usual where both the Republican and Democrat parties take turns screwing over the American people in the name of advancing this evil Jewish world government system.

I still believe the only way this will be fixed is if Trump takes bold action and declares martial law. He could easily accuse all these people of being traitors who are compromised by China. He could use this excuse to shut down the Jewish media and the Democrat political machine if he has the will and the guts to do so.

But who knows, maybe this can somehow be resolved without such measures. The thing is, the more time passes, the less likely this seems.

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