Do Creepy Gay Pedophiles Run the United States [of Satan]?

A Gay Relationship between Roy Cohn and Donald Trump? Read on

Trump, out on the town with Roy Cohn, and his not so rippling muscles and girlish good looks. What he would pay to get this photo back. See the pain in his face? That’s the heel spur that kept him out of Vietnam.By VT Editors -September 12, 20203127714


What’s a bisexual?  Is it dating people like Epstein or Roy Cohn and then having sex with children as the New York courts imply?

Do you hire models to accompany you around New York when you and Cohn or Epstein hit clubs or, as the photo below depicts, leave the girls behind when you don’t need them?

VT interviewed a top New York model (now a Trump appointee to a key position in government) that accompanied Trump and Epstein until Melania came along.  It was $10k, not to sleep with Trump but to sign a non-disclosure and provide cover.

Along with models, there was a publicist that peddled stories about Trump ‘grabbing pussies’ and about being a ‘man’s man,’ but we now know what that really means.

The Epstein/Trump lawsuit says Trump made children wear rubber gloves when giving him a “HJ” but then why would Trump supposedly have unprotected sex with a porn star while married to Melania who thought it was all a joke?

VT has more on Wexner as well, part of the same group and a VT staffer took the call when Epstein called Wexner, crying that Wexner had married a woman.

Wexner gave huge amounts, may be billions, to Epstein.  All were part of the same club, Trump, Epstein, Wexner and the MAGA, not “MEGA” types, whose only common bond was love of Israel and a double or even triple lifestyle.

Comment: Bill Clinton was a notorious part of the Epstein club flying to Epstein’s Island 26 times.

Roger Stone believes and has stated that Roy Cohn wasn’t really a homosexual, though few or none agree with Stone on this or much else. Stone claimed he simply liked having sex with young men like Donald Trump. You see, as a young man, from the photo above, onward, until his death from AIDS, Roy Cohn was the constant companion of Donald Trump.

Comment: Trump inherited Roy Cohn from his father.

Roy Cohn, dead of AIDS a few years later, on the right, Donald Trump on the left, no wait, the other way around. Do check the eye makeup and powerful right bicep on Trump. Cohn is 5’8 and Trump, 6’4″ towers over him by as much as 2 inches. Perhaps both are wearing high heels, we can’t tell from this photo.

Our sources say Trump hired publicists to spread rumors of his sexual conquests, women in this case, and that he often, in public, would sexually assault women, often in crowded New York clubs.

I have direct access to an insider here who had spent many an hour with Trump and Epstein, the accused pedophile who we believe was murdered to protect Donald Trump. We have evidence that Epstein was in a 20 year plus homosexual relationship with a fashion billionaire who gave Epstein a private plane, a home worth over 70 million dollars, another home as well, and the money that made Epstein seem wealthy.

Comment: Epstein had the Clintons on his pedophile plane 26 times! It is much more likely Epstein was murdered to protect the Clintons. Epstein was at Mar-a-Lago once and was banned by Trump from Mar-a-Lago for inappropriate conduct with minors.

Comment: The Fashion Billionaire was Les Wexner of The Limited.

Behind this, it is alleged, was a CIA/Mossad homosexual blackmail ring; and those stories are now all coming out. What is less known is that Roy Cohn was accused of starting it all while he and “the Donald” were the “gay blades” of the New York club scene.

…from Vanity Fair

Sometimes, finding a title is the hardest thing about making a film. For Matt Tyrnauer, on this occasion, it was the easiest. “Never before has a sitting president delivered a film title for me,” he told me.

During the first month of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged corruption, in a moment of frustration with the legal and public-relations walls that seemed to be closing in on him, the president blurted something out to his White House advisers: “Where’s my Roy Cohn?!”

Watching Tyrnauer’s new documentary about Cohn, which premieres in competition at Sundance today, it’s easy to pinpoint what a young Donald Trump was yearning for back in January 2018: a ruthlessness that somehow came off as charming, a toughness punctuated with a wink at supporters and a jab at detractors, a commitment to getting one’s way no matter what.

And what did Roy Cohn, the notoriously malicious lawyer most infamous for helping Senator Joseph McCarthy carry out the Red Scare, see in Trump?

“I think he saw an up-and-comer, a tall, blond, handsome rich kid, to whom he was always attracted as a short and unattractive, albeit brilliant, frustrated person,” explained Tyrnauer. “And he had a long track record of befriending the handsome scions of certain privileged families in the world that he inhabited.”

For Tyrnauer, a Vanity Fair contributing editor whose previous documentaries include Valentino: The Last Emperor, Studio 54, and Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, Where’s My Roy Cohn? was born in two parts.

Read more at Vanity Fair

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