Billionaires of World Economic Forum Tells You To Eat Worms & Insects

World Economic Forum Advocates Eating Worms and Insects

By infostormer -January 22, 20210

The World Economic Forum has posted a tweet telling people how great eating worms and insects are.

These people are sick and diseased for even suggesting this.

They literally want to use this global virus hoax as an excuse to make people live in pods and eat bugs. They’re pushing this propaganda to make people think that this sort of thing is somehow normal and that they should be grateful for being able to eat anything at all.

This is about as bad as the movie Soylent Green where the Soylent Green they were feeding the impoverished masses was made out of people.

EU Confirms That Worms Are Safe to Eat

By infostormer -January 14, 20213

The European Union has confirmed that eating worms are safe to eat.


The vaunted Mediterranean diet and French gastronomy are getting some competition: The European Union’s food safety agency says worms are safe to eat.

The Parma-based agency published a scientific opinion Wednesday on the safety of dried yellow mealworms and gave them a thumbs up. Researchers said the worms, either eaten whole or in powdered form, are a protein-rich snack or ingredient for other foods.

Allergic reactions may occur, especially depending on the type of feed given to the bugs, known officially as Tenebrio molitor larva. But overall “the panel concludes that the (novel food) is safe under the proposed uses and use levels.”

We are hearing all sorts of bizarre statements from people about how bugs, insects and worms are not only safe to eat but wonderful to eat. This is not some sort of weird mistake.

If we keep heading in the direction we are going, this system is going to force people to live in pods so they are safe from viruses while feeding them bugs and worms. The people will be grateful for having bugs and worms to eat because they will be told that eating bugs and worms is the only way to save the planet.

What we are seeing unfold is beyond insane. We are living in a literal real life science fiction movie.

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