Zionist Occupied Gov’t of Japan & Anti-Humanity Agenda; Zionists Consider Suicides SUCCESS!

Japan: Suicides in One Month Exceed Covid Deaths in One Year

By infostormer -November 29, 20201

The media is reporting on the fact that suicides in Japan are now exceeding the number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus. In fact, there were more suicides in one month than there have been coronavirus deaths during the entire year

Number of suicides in Japan over month span exceed deaths from COVID-19 https://t.co/L2qytIsKoj pic.twitter.com/pDC8iXKSY3

— New York Post (@nypost) November 29, 2020

This was not difficult to predict. When you institute measures making it impossible for people to work and do business, this results in job losses and massive disruptions to people’s lives. People then become hopeless at their situation and choose to end their life.

The coronavirus is no more dangerous than the flu. The lockdowns and the alleged solution to the coronavirus has been far more devastating and will prove far more deadly than the coronavirus itself. We are only starting to see the initial fallout from these lunatic measures that have been imposed.

Comically, this news is being spun in such a way as to make it sound like women are most impacted, even though if you look at the raw numbers there are many more men who are killing themselves. Take for instance how CNN is spinning the news.

The lockdowns have obviously impacted both sexes, but to spin it in such a way where “women are most impacted” is utterly retarded. CNN only chose to report on this story so they can push feminist bullshit. It’s sick.

Comment: Japan has been forced into a Rothschild ZIONIST Central Bank as well as Rothschild Zionist Policies Post WW2 after losing the war and having American Military bases installed all over Japan. All wars are bankers wars like WW2. Rothschild Zionists funded all sides of WW2 and became immensely wealthy while everyone else starved; this is typical of Zionist policies.

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