The Zionist GRINCH Gov’t of U.K. Arrests Santa

UK: 155 Anti-Lockdown Protesters Arrested Including Santa

By infostormer -November 29, 20200

Protests against these insane lockdowns are continuing around the world. In London, 155 anti-lockdown protesters were arrested for violating virus protocols instituted by the government.


They even arrested Santa Claus.

These people should have said that they were protesting for the lives of blacks. If they did that, the cops probably would have left them alone.

Unfortunately, Boris Johnson has gone full crazy with this great reset agenda. The good news is that he’s starting to get some major pushback both on the streets and inside his own political party. These lockdowns are totally sick and should be immediately lifted. Of course, we know he won’t immediately lift them. If anything is lifted, he’ll just find an excuse to reinstitute them at a later date. Johnson is going to continue this madness for as long as possible.

Comment: Boris Johnson is a ZIONIST. IMAO they ARE crazy!

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