States Run Out of Cash Due to Drop in Tax Revenue Due to ZIONIST Policies

States Running Out of Cash Due to Drop in Tax Revenue

By infostormer -October 29, 20203

Many states across the country are running out of cash.

This is a direct result of states deciding to close their economies because of a minor flu bug. This resulted in huge numbers of businesses going out of business. All those closed businesses were generating tax revenues for the state and because they were forced to close because of government edict, they are now generating zero tax revenue.

The outcome of this was fairly easy to predict if you possess just a little bit of common sense. Of course, most of the people who run things in this country have no common sense or are implementing insane policies for malicious reasons.

These states will probably be forced to go bankrupt since Donald Trump is rightly refusing to bail them out. But what they’ll no doubt try to do to account for these cash shortfalls is to raise taxes on everybody even though nobody has any money.

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