Trump Fires Man Falsely Claiming Election Was Secure; Election Was Massively Corrupt & Deep State Stole The Election From Trump

Trump Fires Person Who Falsely Claimed Election Was Secure

By infostormer -November 18, 20200

Donald Trump just fired some asshole employee (pictured above) of the federal government who falsely claimed the recent 2020 election was highly secure.

Obviously, the election was the most insecure in the history of the country. You can’t have a secure election when ballots are being mailed all over the place without any sort of controls. Not to mention the fact that many of the vote counting machines were systems that were built specifically to change the results of elections. We also have affidavits from across the country detailing how they saw massive amounts of fraud.

So yeah, I’m glad Trump fired this treasonous piece of shit for making such an inaccurate statement. He needs to fire many other people as there are lots of traitors in the federal government who hate America. There needs to be a purge.

Comment: Evidently this guy is afraid of the CIA.

The 2020 Stolen Election by the CIA and Dominion Voter …

TheCIA powerful supercomputer system known as the Hammer with its application Scorecard was deployed to steal the 2020 election from President Donald J. Trump as it was done earlier to help Obama and Biden.

ROGER STONE: Bill Gates, Microsoft Designed Election Fraud … Stone, the longtime political veteran who has been identified as one of the progenitors of the Stop the Steal movement for election integrity in the United States, released a video explaining that he has evidence Microsoft, at the direction of BillGates, designed the vote counting software used to commit election fraud by Dominion Voting Systems and competing companies.

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