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Tucker Carlson is Clearly Compromised

By infostormer -November 21, 20200

I figured something might be up with Tucker Carlson after he claimed information pertaining to Hunter Biden’s laptop he had went missing in the mail but was later found. That whole situation was weirdly bizarre and made no sense.

But now it appears as if Tucker has been fully compromised. He has been downplaying the fact that there has been massive amounts of fraud in the 2020 election. He specifically criticized Donald Trump’s legal team for not providing him with enough information on the fraud that was made possible via the Dominion voting machines. He actually expected Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell to provide him with information that they had yet to present in court which was entirely unreasonable. Especially when there are already affidavits and ample amounts of information in the public domain that show conclusively that these machines were built for the express purpose of changing vote outcomes. Hell, you could just read the machine’s user manual.

He tried to explain his weird actions on his show last night. His response was not sufficient and spun in such a way to promote the false narrative that all this vote fraud that took place is not provable.

Michael Flynn even felt compelled to call out Tucker over his interaction with Powell.

Tucker throughout Donald Trump’s presidency has been the only show on cable news worth watching. But if he can’t get the election fraud issue right, there is no reason to pay attention to his show moving forward. This is literally the biggest case of election fraud in the history of the world and it is obvious to anybody who is being honest with themselves.

Tucker is not a stupid person. So he would only downplay the fraud that took place if he either succumbed to threats/blackmail or he agreed to play ball with the corporate masters at Fox News.

Whatever the reason is ultimately not relevant. He’s lost the trust of his audience with how he’s handled this.

Comment: Tucker Carlson’s HANDLERS told him what to do; If he doesn’t do as he is told to do he no longer has a job at FIXED News!

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