Sidney Powell Releases “Kraken”

Sidney Powell Files “Kraken” Lawsuits on Election Fraud

By infostormer -November 26, 20201

Sidney Powell has released the Kraken. They have come in the form of two lawsuits. One filed in Georgia and the other filed in Michigan.

Georgia Lawsuit

Michigan Lawsuit

Both of the lawsuits had two spelling errors at the top of the document which may have been deliberate in order to get our political enemies to talk about the lawsuits. Even if it wasn’t deliberate, they are stupidly talking about the spelling mistakes which are only going to make people curious about the contents of the documents.

Twitter has reportedly blocked links to her website containing copies of the filings.

You can read the filings for yourself, but they basically summarize the massive amounts of voter fraud that took place in both Georgia and Michigan. So it includes all the stuff about the Dominion voting machines along with other forms of fraud that were used to help Joe Biden steal the election. The filings request a number of relief measures to be imposed by the courts due to the fraud that took place.

We’ll see what happens with this. We probably won’t see a whole lot of new developments until next week due to the holiday.

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