Democrats Collude With CIA to Alter Voting Machines in Pennsylvania (CIA Works Against American People-This is Only ONE Example)

Red alert as Dems collude with CIA to alter voting machines in Pennsylvania
Mike AdamsShocking new evidence has emerged that the CIA is conspiring with Democrats to intercept and alter voting machine results in Pennsylvania and other swing states.The CIA built the system to steal elections in other countries; now they’re targeting the USA with their “Scorecard” operation.See the full story here.Also today: Kamala Harris just openly endorsed communism. She now claims that government should be used to make sure that “all outcomes are equal” for everyone, which is the pillar of communist redistribution and control.See the shocking full story here.P.S. Also listen to my urgent podcast today about the militia warning America over a rigged Biden “victory” that all the left-wing institutions are planning on faking, then announcing as real. Find this new podcast here.

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