Biden Represents Wall Street Banksters While We Will STARVE!

Which Way for the U.S.A.?

As Americans vote today, they will be choosing between two vastly different directions for the future. Will the imperial global, neo-liberal War Hawk faction take back the White House, so they can defend their bankrupt system? Or will President Trump be given the opportunity to drain the “Swamp”, so he can end the “endless wars”, and join with Russia, China and other sovereign nations to establish a New Bretton Woods, which would shut down the bankrupt system of the central banks, which denies credit to the physical economy, while providing huge volumes of funny money to speculators? And…READ MORE

A Memo On The Vote Fraud Apparatus Roger Stone Identified, Shine The Light On Them

Anyone who lives in major U.S. cities knows the proclivities of certain insects that creep into your life from the environment. Shine the light on them and they run and hide. In an article posted to this website yesterday, Roger Stone identifies three (we think it should be five) key figures in the vote fraud/chaos operation being planned by Joe Biden’s sponsors in the transatlantic intelligence community and their oligarchic sponsors in the modern British Empire. We are shining a further light on…READ MORE

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