WeAreChange: ZIONIST Bill Gates Lies About Severe Side Effects of CVirus Vaccine

Beautiful and amazing human being,

How do you know there aren’t going to be longterm side effects from the jab?

In the video above, I go over Joe Rogan, Alex Jones and Bill Gates, yes Bill Gates, together proving you have reason to be very skeptical about the jab.

When asked in a TV interview about at least 80% of participants in a trial run suffering severe side effects, Bill Gates said the side effects were not “super severe”

Meanwhile, we have politicians trying to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And quarantine camps both in movies and in real life, especially in places like New Zealand. Where you get mandatory tests with your mandatory stay in quarantine camp.

I go over that and more lockdown news as well as Glenn Greenwald resigning from the Intercept, the publication he co-founded. Why? Cause his own editors are refusing to publish his own articles because they make Joe Biden look bad.

Yeah. Have a watch.

You’ve been warned it might be painful and might come with adverse reactions.

But Freddy Gates wants to make sure you take it anyway.

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Courtesy: Crush The Street, Jeff Berwick

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