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Italians Rise Up Against “Health Dictatorship” as Country Moves Toward New Lockdown

Italians Rise Up Against “Health Dictatorship” as Country Moves Toward New LockdownPosted: 25 Oct 2020 09:34 AM PDTEarlier this year Italy became the first entire nation to impose strict lockdown and social distancing measures when it was the first to see a major coronavirus outbreak outside of Wuhan, China.By the close of May, just as the United States took the lead globally in number of confirmed cases, Italy’s numbers had fallen and lockdown restrictions were dropped, with its daily infection rate remaining under control through summer. However, Italy’s case numbers began soaring once again starting September into this month.Looks like there are violent protests unfolding right now in Naples Italy specifically people angry at new lock down measures that were just imposed pic.twitter.com/uT8DSdrOnV— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) October 23, 2020Over the weekend the country saw a new record daily high.Reuters reports that “COVID-19 cases across the country have risen seven-fold since the start of the month, jumping to 19,143 on Friday and raising fears that the pandemic is spiraling out of control.”#Coprifuoco #Napoli La notte di guerriglia pic.twitter.com/xMmSVm4EbC— Local Team (@localteamtv) October 24, 2020Local media dubbed weekend clashes with police in Naples a appearing more like guerrilla warfare.Naturally government leaders are once again eyeing a total lockdown of the peninsula, but it’s evident many Italians aren’t having it. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has just issued a new emergency decree Sunday which once again shutters all cinemas, theatres, gyms and swimming pools. And further bars and restaurants have been ordered to close by 6pm every night.This set off major protests across various cities, especially in Rome and Naples, which led to clashes with police over the weekend. Initially peaceful, local media have described many demonstrations rapidly spiraled into fights with police led by hundreds or far-right protesters.BREAKING. Violent protests ongoing in Naples, Italy, against the midnight full curfew enforced from tonight against #coronavirus #covid19 and region Campania governor De Luca pushing for a full lockdown. Crazy scenes. pic.twitter.com/XYpzIbBAv4— Antonello Guerrera (@antoguerrera) October 23, 2020In Rome fireworks were shot at police trying to disperse a central plaza.The mayhem is believed to have been led by the right wing Fuerza Nova party which called for the population to resist what it called “health dictatorship and curfews.”NAPLES, ITALY IS RISING RIGHT NOW AGAINST THE CURFEWS https://t.co/yZ97wM66nA— Robin Monotti Graziadei (@robinmonotti) October 23, 2020Meanwhile Italy’s southern Campania region has moved to implement a total lockdown of the province, with its leaders urging the rest of the country to follow suit, according to Reuters.Italy Fights Back!Thousands protest against the Socialist government tyrannical coronavirus lockdown measures in NaplesCrowds chant: “Freedom, freedom, freedom!”Protests also breaking out in Salerno, Nocera & other cities across Campaniapic.twitter.com/GL1cZ0AH0u— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) October 23, 2020This had set off the fiercest demonstrations thus far in Naples Friday night, with a handful of people arrested, while in Rome Saturday night up to a dozen or more were arrested.Likely anti-lockdown marches and protests will only grow – a trend witnessed in other countries that have attempted to reimpose lockdowns after long adapting to a ‘new normal’ of common sense social distancing measures.Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permissionThe post Italians Rise Up Against “Health Dictatorship” as Country Moves Toward New Lockdown appeared first on We Are Change.
Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape After Letting Borat-Giuliani Sex Scene TrendPosted: 24 Oct 2020 10:39 PM PDTA few days ago, the MSM and their political allies in the Democratic Party celebrated the release of a “compromising” photo appearing to show former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani with his hands down his pants. Giuliani claimed that he was merely retucking in his shirt after removing some recording equipment, but nevertheless, the whole news cycle played out in full view of the public as social media giants like Twitter and Facebook looked the other way, allowing the photo, and links to news stories covering the controversy (orchestrated by “Borat” prankster Sasha Baron Cohen) to circulate widely.However, just days later, a Chinese digital media company has published footage showing a man who looks identical to Hunter Biden engaging in a sex fetish act with an unidentifiable woman (along with a photo purporting to show what appears to be the same man engaging in sex with a Ukrainian prostitute). But instead of allowing discussion and links to the video to circulate, Twitter has scrubbed all links and photos related to the video and story, and is suspending accounts that appear to be trying to spread the video or screenshots from the footage.Some background: Late Saturday afternoon, a mysterious link surfaced on Reddit purporting to be the vaunted Hunter Biden sex tape – or at least, one of the Hunter Biden sex tapes (whispers about more footage have so far gone unsubstantiated).In it, a naked Hunter Biden can be seen, smoking crack, and laying with an unidentified woman, possibly a prostitute. The woman’s face is blurred out, making it impossible to tell whether or not she appeared to be underage.The video itself was posted by a news site purporting to be an anti-CCP intelligence operation called G-TV, which is also tied to Guo Wengui, the Chinese billionaire dissident who is close to Steve Bannon (Bannon was reportedly arrested after a visit on Guo’s yacht in Connecticut).Interested parties can find the video here.Footage of the sex act is preceded by footage of Guo Wengui at the national press club raging over a Chinese takeover of the US, “9/11 times a thousand,” he says, before transitioning to a screed slamming Western politicians who collaborate with the CCP, and warning about the dangers of American kleptocrats falling sway to CCP “influence” (blackmail etc).During the opening minutes if the video, Hunter can be heard complimenting the woman on her technique. “That’s so professional,” Hunter exclaims. “You can’t even find that on there,” he laughs as he gestures toward something off camera.A few minutes in, the man who is allegedly Hunter Biden can be seen firing up a crack pipe.The reaction on Twitter was swift. Users who tried to share the link and photos were quickly blocked (even though Twitter famously allows porn and nudity). Some cracked jokes about Hunter Biden receiving what appeared to be a ‘footjob’, while shrugging off the video as simply evidence that Biden has been victimized by revenge porn.I just watched Hunter Biden get a foot job I think— Cassandra Scarebanks? (@CassandraRules) October 24, 2020Others focused on the statement at the beginning of the video, which also begins with footage of an unrelated event.?This message is extremely important. Please read it. The sex tape is to prove the CCP’s BGY & their possessions of such content. Anything involving children can’t be released to public. They DO EXIST & have been verified by multiple reporters. #HunterBiden #BidenCrimeFamiily pic.twitter.com/TEcSif1L1v— Judy.Anderson?? (@JudyAnd56006226) October 24, 2020Of course, now that actual pornographic footage of Hunter Biden has been produced, the world will stop and wonder: could these other rumors be true?hunter biden sex tape pic.twitter.com/SjHqIFVxEq— Luke Mahler (@lukecmahler) October 24, 2020Even some conservatives urged the public not to share the Hunter Biden “revenge porn”.Disgusted with people sharing Hunter Biden revenge porn. What the fuck. Completely vile on its own and it obfuscates the legitimate corruption issues. Be better. Fuck!— Cernovich (@Cernovich) October 24, 2020Others simply noted the disparity in treatment between the Hunter Biden story and the “Borat” revelations about Giuliani, and wondered aloud how Twitter might be handling this if those photos were of Donald Trump Jr., not Hunter Biden.Of course, twitter didn’t simply ignore the Giuliani photo; the news became one of the top trending topics (thanks to the fact that Twitter’s user-base skews toward young leftists).Everyone tweeting that Hunter Biden video is getting locked out and tweets are being disappearedTwitter also promoted a doctored video of Rudy Giuliani this week claiming it was sexual— Jack Posobiec ?? (@JackPosobiec) October 24, 2020One Twitter used even proclaimed that Hunter was really “a victim” of his father, Joe Biden.Just saw Hunter Biden’s sex tape. DO NOT WATCH IT. It is basically a 50-year-old guy smoking crack getting a blowjob from someone who may or may not be underage. The issue isn’t Hunter. The issue is the father who made him sell his influence. Hunter is a victim.— @amuse (@amuse) October 24, 2020At any rate, the group that released the footage and the above-mentioned screenshot are promising to release more compromising material, while the MSM and Big Tech rallies to Hunter Biden’s defense.Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permissionThe post Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape After Letting Borat-Giuliani Sex Scene Trend appeared first on We Are Change.

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