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25 dead from flu shot (so far) plus huge bombshells on Hunter
Mike Adams25 citizens are now dead in South Korea from the flu shot, with probably hundreds more deaths on the way through the flu season.And remember, this year the “officials” want to jack us up with flu shots as well as unlimited coronavirus vaccines:Read the full story here.Now, prepare yourself for a huge number of breaking bombshells on Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family.It’s all coming out (see below): The documents, bribes, international money laundering, corruption, fraud, prostitution, illicit drug use and (reportedly) child abuse.See the stories below for much of the news, and check the home page for links to other sites such as GTV and others who are carrying more breaking news (plus videos, etc, some of it quite shocking).
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The “Big Guy” is Joe Biden and he used his son’s business deals to profit off Chinese businesses looking to influence the US governmentBy Lance D Johnson | Read the full story
Bombshell report lays out how the family of Joe Biden has been compromised by the Communist Chinese: Don’t vote for JoeBy JD Heyes | Read the full story
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Beijing using the coronavirus pandemic to expand internet surveillance apparatusBy Arsenio Toledo | Read the full story
Hunter Biden secretly met with Chinese spy in Beijing, asked for mansion and womenBy Ethan Huff | Read the full story
BREAKING: Smoking gun email from Hunter’s laptop proves Bidens were paid to shut down Burisma investigation and make it go awayBy News Editors | Read the full story
New outbreak reported in China: thousands infected by highly infectious bacteria that comes from animalsBy Evangelyn Rodriguez | Read the full story
More of Today’s ArticlesThe American ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ will be coming for you — if Trump loses
In South Africa, they called it a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” It was set up to deal with the horrific crimes of the Apartheid regime that countenanced murder, torture, and a denial of …The Chinese Communists are running Silicon Valley
Well, now we know why Big Tech suppresses stories unfavorable to Beijing’s chosen candidate Joe Biden while simultaneously giving Chinese Communist Party propaganda a megaphone. (Article by …Code name ‘Project Hanson’: Insider documents reveal how Hunter Biden associates helped Chinese military contractor acquire Michigan dual-use manufacturer
In September 2015, the Obama-Biden administration approved the sale of a strategically sensitive Michigan manufacturer, Henniges Automotive, to a firm connected to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and a …Should Hunter Biden be in jail? Another look at the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe securities fraud case
There’s a mystery about to unfold about Hunter Biden’s connection to an Indian bond fraud scheme that happened from 2014-15, for which some business associates of Hunter Biden have gone to …Find out if your state lawmakers take cash from Big Pharma
A new collaborative report by STAT and the National Institute on Money and Politics provides a first-of-its-kind analysis of the drug industry’s influence on state representatives. (Article by …Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner turning over “all evidence to FBI”
The walls are closing in on the Biden Crime Family after former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski announced at a press conference that he is handing over three smartphones’ worth of …Sen. Cruz accuses Twitter of censoring bombshell NY Post story exposing Joe Biden’s ties to Ukraine
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has accused Twitter of censoring a New York Post story that exposed possible links between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Ukraine. In response to the story, …That time Hunter Biden got a six figure yearly retainer from a credit card company while Daddy Biden worked on major credit card legislation
Back in 2008, the New York Times wrote an interesting article on Joe Biden during his vetting to be the Vice Presidential pick for Senator Obama. The article was about Hunter Biden getting a huge …     WebSeed 3820 Central Avenue Unit #109 Cheyenne, WY 82001Unsubscribe | Privacy PolicyIf you experience any difficulty unsubscribing, forward this newsletter to reply@naturalnews.comTo contact Natural News, please use our online feedback form. 

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