Hollywood Celebrities Know All About Mind Controlled Assassins & Call MKUltra’s SKIS (Service Killer in Service/Slavery)

Randy Turner

Not just one programmer. William Colby, George Bush Sr. Jimmy Carter took part with Bush and a guy named Bill Day when I was torture programmed combined with sexual stimulation which is how they create the alternates. Colby used a drug called Endocrine on me as did a number of Hollywood celeb Icons. The wealthy call an MKULTRA a service killer in service or in slavery depending on who is using you = SKIS.

Comment: So much for the wealthy elite. They are all a part of the criminal cabal/Deep State running this country. Actors & Actresses are promoted in the Cabal owned Media depending on how willing they are to promote the Cabal Agenda: Transgenderism, Bisexuality, Homosexuality, Satanism, Multicultural Families, Abortions, etc. If you’re not a sellout you’re not promoted in the Cabal Media; it’s just this simple. The drug Randy was drugged with is ADRENOCHROME.

Comment: They are ALL on Board with the Satanic illuminati Cabal or they wouldn’t be promoted by Illuminati Press/Media. The Cabal is Satanic/Zionist.

Comment: Two of Randal’s Handlers-Bill Day & Marcheline Bertrand

Bill Day
Marcheline Bertrand
Bill Day
MKUltra handler Bill Day. This is likely where he makes the big money working for the CIA.
Marcheline Bertrand
According to Randy March was a Heroin Addict and his handler keeping him drugged up.


Film/TV Producer

The drug used in the MKUltra program was not LSD it is Chemicals extracted from the human brains Endocrine system glands. Street name for them is (Adrenochrome) These chemicals are what control the emotions and physical desires. They can combine these drugs with hypnosis to create a mind control assassin, sex slave and anything you want them for. MKUltra stands for – Manufactured Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecrat Requiring Assassinations. They would end up using some of these drugs from the Pituitary gland for sex slaves the Elites use. One of the effects the drug has is blocking memories from forming and if memories were recalled the victim would think it was some weird dream in most cases. The biggest cover up in the history of America is the use these by deep state compromising those who are placed into positions of power then controlling them with videos of them either having sex with minors or killing somebody on video. They have complete control over the person they compromise using these drugs. With MKUltra’s they add suicide programming so if they begin to recall they will end up killing themselves in most cases.

The US Government wants to cover up what they did to us and they have help from the mainstream media who employ CIA assets and also control most of your Hollywood celebrities. If they can not control you then you do not make it in Hollywood or in Government office. Anybody who has influence is controlled by them.

CIA cover up in my court trial they claimed these came from Penguin Pineal glands. They didn’t – They came from human Pituitary glands, Pineal glands and other glands in the human brain that control emotions and desires.

Comment: Below is Rudy Giuliani discussing Chinese type Censorship in USSA Media.


Also named Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2001,[12][13] he was knighted in 2002 by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.[1

My Comment: Only Cabal Servants are KNIGHTED by the Queen of England LOL. They do not serve Americans; they serve the cabal. It is the same with the media. Now the media is demonizing Giuliani for supporting Trump LOL.

TV Series Treadstone About Service Killers in Slavery & How These Victim/Killers Are BlackMailed & Entrapped into Performing Their Deadly Missions Was Cancelled After CIA Character Says “CIA is An Organized Criminal Syndicate”:

Treadstone explores the origin story and present-day actions of a fictional CIA black-ops program known as Operation Treadstone — a covert program that uses a behavior-modification protocol to turn recruits into nearly-superhuman assassins.[6] The series follows sleeper agents across the globe as they are mysteriously ‘awakened’ to resume their deadly missions.[7] The program breaks down these assassins’ personalities, erases their memories, and eliminates their moral code so they can effectively kill targets around the world.[8]

Treadstone - promotional poster.png

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