America is Enslaved By Those They Dare Not Criticize

It’s Going from Bad to Worse


Have you noticed things are getting exponentially worse by the day?  Oh what fate might befall us next week?  Well things are probably going to get much worse because the debt bubble has not yet imploded, and the stock market has not yet crashed, and the post election riots have not yet started.  By 2021 you are going to wish you were still in 2020.

Did you know Trump gave the keys to Amerika to Satanyahu?  Yep, Trump gave the country to the most evil man on the planet, Bibi Netanyahu is so evil he is called Satan, and he is best friends with “our” President.  That can’t be good for our future, and let us not forget that Netanyahu promised to destroy Amerika after using her like toilet paper.

The gods hate us and are planning on getting rid of us. How do I know?   They have put all the psychopaths in charge, and now we are in the end game. Things are very bad right now and it is foolish to think that they are not going to get much worse. They are going to get far worse and I believe we are probably entering a new dark age – centuries of persecution and death.

All the data points toward a huge multi-year collapse on the immediate horizon, we have this military website forecasting a 2/3 drop in USA population by 2025.  Amerika has been used up by the Federal Reserve, gutted by inflation and debt, what is left is a remnant nation grasping at her former glory, even with stupid political slogans like Make Amerika Great Again.  When the unwind comes, it will be catastrophic.

And forget all that happy talk about the Kali Yuga coming to an end. Sorry, that idea that we just happen to be in a bad age is not what history says, we are always in a bad age. Human history is badness all the way through.  And just so you know, the idea that we are ruled by a just and merciful god is just myth and wishful thinking.  We are being tortured non-stop by our very existence, there is no respite to life while you are alive, only death frees you from this hell.

I also think many people are going to be checking out early.  I think that suicides will soar as conditions get so bad people will just say enough is enough and kill themselves by any means they have available.  This happens in prisons all the time, well dear reader, earth is a maximum security prison and we are the inmates. If there is a hell in the Milky Way Galaxy, it is surely this planet infested with Jews.

Your personal suffering stops when you are dead, so if you are not chipped and controlled and still exert free will, then feel lucky that you still have the ability to check out.  What they do in prison is try to stop the prisoner from committing suicide, which is really cruel, if the bastard wants to die let him.  Maybe give him a knife or a rope as encouragement – but in our sick and twisted society the jailers actually try to stop suicides, unless, of course, your name is Jeffrey Epstein.

Now I have some more advice, before it gets really, really, bad, like in a liberal run city, consider moving to the woods.  In the woods no one is going to bother you, get off grid and away from “normal” people and don’t have electricity or a television.  Keep the Jew out of your mind by not having a Jewtube full of Jews telling you Coronavirus and Global Warming lies.

I have never seen a Jew in the woods, not a one, so when things get bad and Jews are exterminating the Goyim with the Bill Gates of Hell vaccine, or a Jew hell bomb (nuke) or one of their many false flags blowing up some buildings like in Oklahoma City or the World Trade Center, don’t be in a city or near a synagogue where Jews hang out and plot our demise.  Go to the woods young man and never look back.

If you want safety from a civilization gone mad, move to a rural area and take a strong survival posture.  Build your shelter out of fire proof materials, build under the tree canopy so drones and spy satellites can’t see you.  Make it difficult for the controllers, don’t give them an inch.  Let them go for the easy prey first, all the rats who live in suburbia. 

Your real problem is that you are not a natural evolved animal on this planet, you can not survive on your own like any other specie.  A human being was artificially created by the gods which are really ET, you are a hairless bipedal ape unfit to live on this planet, and you were made dependent on civilization by design so you could be manipulated.

The deer has no problem finding food in the wild, but you do.  In fact it is almost impossible for a human to separate themselves from the group as we a dependent on civilization for our most basic necessities like food.  I’ve tried living being independent from everyone else and the only place you can do it is in the tropics like Hawaii where food is abundant and the nights are warm. 

Civilization is not civilized, it is a group of people suffering massive brain washing, they go to football games and act out the stupid commercials on TV, many of them have multiple big pharma drug addictions for all their ails they idiot tube tells them they have.  If you watch modern television the first thing to note is how stupid and insane it is, and the second is all the worthless shit they are trying to sell you.

Normal people should scare you.  You should hold these mask wearing idiots with contempt, as they are playing along with the hoax – making the draconian state possible – and causing the loss of your freedom.  If no one complied what could the state do?  They need our compliance and so many people want to wear the mask.  The sheep like the mask, as it makes them feel safe and proud that they obeyed.

The typical slave is your greatest enemy.  Everyone (except me) have these smart phones that track them, and they will rat you out to the cops for the smallest infraction, like if you are dumpster diving or not wearing the mask of obedience.  You might just be fixing your used vehicle on the side street, and they surely don’t like anyone like that.

The slaves have been conditioned to buy all the latest electronic toys and gadgets, wear their teams jerseys, take their little brats to soccer (not any more) and drive a brand new car financed for 84 months.  They are trapped in an endless cycle of debt, and now with all the jobs drying up, their credit card debt/mortgage/rent is unpayable.  They are fucked.  They trusted the system that is designed to screw them and they have no idea how to live independent.

Now I have some news for you, do you really think the bankers are just going to let you walk away from all your debts and keep your vehicle and house?  No, the banks are predators, they are going to make you pay, they want every drop of your blood.  They own the politicians, so don’t expect Trump to do the right thing and forgive all the debts.  The Federal Reserve and it’s fiat currency is unconstitutional, all the debts are fraudulent and should be disposed, but don’t expect any relief from Trump.

Both Trump and Biden are pedophiles and both are slavish whores of Israel.  Both go to the Wailing Wall and pray, both tout that they will do more for Israel, both are anti-white, and anti-American candidates yet half of the nation will be voting for one of these jackasses.  So the problem is not with our compromised leaders, it is with the voter who ignore the evidence of who they vote. 

I am going to tell you something really important, Presidents don’t matter, it is the value of the currency that really matters to you.  What matters to you is how much you can buy with the fiat money you are forced to use as currency.  It seems certain that eventually hyperinflation will engulf the US dollar, but right now we are in a deflationary depression spiral.

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