Military Coup Planned Against Trump

Comment: Military is completely owned and ordered by Deep ZIONIST State and no one dare mention Zionists as the crime syndicate running Amerika. They call theirselves “Jews” but ARE the Synagogue of Satan and Americans are blind to truth.

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Bombshell Disclosures of FBI/DOJ Crimes in Trump/Flynn “Investigations”

by Barbara Boyd

“The immediate question raised by the disclosures is, of course, whether they will lead to criminal indictments of those involved by U.S. Attorney John Durham, or at least a report on what Durham has found so far, ahead of the November election. Durham has been investigating the entire Obama Administration spying and information warfare operation against Donald Trump.

“These disclosures are being made in the middle of a full scale insurrection against the government of the United States led operationally, for the most part, by lawyers and billionaires, using the uneducated and labile young, and the poor and dispossessed, as so much cannon fodder. The judiciary has been fully penetrated by this insurrection, particularly the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, where Judge Sullivan sits and where, many believe, any prosecutions resulting from the Barr/Durham investigations would have to be brought.

“It is abundantly clear that if Donald Trump is not re-elected by a significant margin, these illegalities will go uncharged and completely unpunished. This means that the “rule of law” will have vanished from the United States, having been completely emptied of any meaning and paraded around as nothing but a sophistical phrase by the insurrectionists. If the senile Biden is elected, we will be subject to the soft totalitarianism of the Obama/Biden Administration and a declared plan from Obama’s national security officials, assembled in the groups, Security Action and the Transition Integrity Project, to “neutralize” those who voted for the current President.” Read on >>>

Sitrep U.S.A. PART III: President Trump Declares An All-Out Culture War

by Barbara Boyd

“LaRouche examined the concept of a “People’s War” such as that which the President is presently implicitly proposing as a countercoup. He makes the following critical points which I have applied to the present:

Warfare is essentially a matter of political will, with respect to which weapons are but the material means for the expression of that will. People’s War, LaRouche said, is approximately 1% lethal conflict and 99% cultural war. The most fundamental question in any countercoup, such as that which is proposed now, is the task of separating the actual armed insurgent forces from their actual and potential political base. It this can be done successfully, the insurgents can be effectively mopped up.

Success in this venture is a cultural question. In the case of the United States, can the revolutionary identity of the American people—situated, as the President said, in 1,000 years of Judeo-Christian civilization, and the Renaissance—be successfully captured and resurrected? Or, are we stuck with the Satanism and hedonism which attacked us after World War II in the form of pragmatism and classic British liberalism, and then morphed, like a deadly virus, into the 1960s rock-drug-sex counterculture, destroying our will to fight against those who would destroy us. The 1960s belief systems and ideologies are what you see on the street now. The New Left is in the institutions and in the board rooms and a whole generation of children has been educated based on these synthetic ideologies. Donald Trump is the first President to ever take this on directly, if incompletely. Winning wholly depends on whether the people take up the same ideas calmly, strategically, with the future of the next 50 years in mind, and with complete and total attention and focus.” Read more >>>

Youth Conference —The World Has a Choice:
Extinction, or Era of LaRouche

Watch the proceeds of the Schiller Institute’s September 26th Youth Conference where activists and youth from around the world discuss the topics, “The World Needs the Exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche” and “The Science, Culture, and Great Projects of a Global Renaissance”, in a two-part conference presentation. Watch the conference >>>


Friday: Harley Takes Your Questions

What Is a Greater Threat to a Sovereign USA: China, or the City of London? The rantings of Pompeo and the War Hawks in the U.S., and their aggressive military deployments, threaten to provoke a war with China. Is China really an enemy of the U.S.? Did the western establishment build up China to replace the U.S. as a global hegemonic super-power? Is it a coincidence that those targeting China are also involved in the coup to remove President Trump? Is China’s economic development a threat to the U.S.—or an opportunity, to expand trade and peaceful development? Send Harley your questions at Listen to Friday’s update! >>>

My Comment: The ZIONISTS created NAFTA law which Bill Clinton passed and moved their factories to China. These ZIONISTS have immense political power in China as they control the Economy of China and control JOBS. Get the picture. Sarah Westall NEVER mentions the Rothschild ZIONIST Organized Crime Syndicate running China or Here for that matter.

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