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Coming June 2020.

Special Membership Only Programs

Memberships and Benefits

$5/Month sponsorship:  Exclusive access to The Shipp Intelligence Report (SIP), Politically Incorrect News Analysis (PINA), breaking current events and introductory courses on Surveillance Detection and How to Spot a Liar. Also available on

$10/Month Sponsorship:  Fascinating shows on how Kevin Shipp moved off-the-grid, techniques on living free from the, “system,” guest appearances from well-known “Prepper” experts, opportunities to network with the off-grid “Prepper” community and access to the “Shipp Intelligence Report” and “Politically Incorrect News Analysis.”

$25/Month Sponsorship:  Cutting edge courses designed from Kevin Shipp’s CIA operational and training background. These Include the Surveillance Detection Course, How to Spot a Liar and the Counter Terrorism Course.  Also, subscribers have access to all other Tiers and Discord Chat.  This is the Crown Jewel of the program.

Your sponsorship allows me to be free from the control of advertisers, media censors, Google and YouTube algorithmic manipulation and trolls/hackers.

Important sponsors like you allow me to expand my message and create cutting edge videos on the Shadow Government/Deep State, government corruption, human trafficking, occult influence in our society and mainstream media deception. Your sponsorship will help with research, production, filming and equipment for the channel.

With this Patreon channel, we are building a great community of patriotic Americans; those of us who want to stand against government corruption and the Progressive assault on our religious freedom, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and traditional American values.

We are in the most serious episode in US history. The Shadow Government/Deep State spied on a presidential campaign and a sitting president, the news media is no longer reporting the truth to the American people, the occult, luciferianism and human trafficking have infected our entertainment industry and some in the financial elite. There is a global and domestic Marxist attempt to overtake our Constitutional system.

The mission of this channel is to expose this and to stop the subversion of our Constitution and of our God given first, second and fourth amendment rights.  I do this for the love of freedom. 

Come join us!

Kevin Shipp

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