MKUltra: Uncle Satan’s Dirtiest Secret-Sadistic Pedophile Rapists Run Mind Control Projects for CIA

The Biggest Secret: MKUltra being Used to create Mass Shooters, Pedophiles, Assassins and Serial Killers? By Drugs,Hypnosis,Child Rape/Torture.


Comment: Feature picture is likely Rothschild ‘Street Art’ where a chosen artist was paid huge sums of money to create this evil ‘ART’ to normalize violent child rape.

Sadistically Torturing Children Into Becoming Docile Slaves

  1. Torture and trauma are used to split a child’s personality into alters….These are extreme tortures that can result in the child’s death…Like crushing a boy’s testicles.
  2. The Alters are then created by very sophisticated programming. The ‘Programmers’ are generally Medical Doctors, Psychologists, and some are Colonels in the military who are highly educated.
  3. The programmers are paid obscene amounts of money to do their evil/vile work. One Psychologist was paid $80 million to torture Iraqi children by raping them in front of their mothers using male pedophiles to rape them. Why do you think we are called the Great Satan???
  4. Once the initial extreme tortures result in the child’s mind fragmenting into pieces the pieces can be called out using this Adrenochrome drug that is produced from live human torture victims. Adrenochrome comes from the Adrenal Gland and is oxidized. It is an oily hormone that the elite love to use themselves and use on these programmed Mind Controlled children that they use as sex slaves, drug couriers, spies and ASSASSiNS ins the MKUltra group.
  5. MKUltra is an acronym: Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations

MKUltra acronym

MKULTRA stands for Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations. This definition appears rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: MLA style: “MKULTRA.”. Acronym Finder. 2019.

Comment: Every torture used on a child by these Pedophile programmers should not be allowed. The programmers must suffer the same tortures themselves and should be done in a sound proof room so we don’t have to listen to their begging or pleas for mercy. They should be tortured until they dissociate themselves. By this I mean Carter, Bill Day (Photojournalist), H.W. Bush if he were still alive, Colonel Aquino and the myriads of others involved. I am sure they are all cowards b/c only a coward could enjoy torturing a helpless child.

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