KIND: Illuminati Front Persons Make Illegals Legal Using Free Legal Expertise as Part of Illuminati Open Borders Agenda

Comment: Angelian Jolie & Bill Gates created this charity for illegal children in the U.S.

Although I feel sympathy for these children they wouldn’t need help if our CIA would leave their countried the F__k alone and quit spreading poverty everywhere. Now the same criminals who run the CIA use Angie and Bill Gates (and reward them with billions of dollars) to socially engineer the American public to encourage acceptance of Constitutional violations.

What about food banks in their countries of origin? What about funding food banks here? Far cheaper.

What about stopping MONSANTO which is killing people?

What about stopping WARS which are bankrupting Amerika?

And leaving entire populations PTSD’d and crippled?

Instead it seems Angie encourages wars and loss of sovereignty.

Illuminati puppet and Bill Gates is the illuminati front man.

illuminati are a Jewish Satanic Crime Syndicate in control of the American Government.

Comment: Angelina Jolie and Bill Gates are both Jewish as mothers are Jewish and this is matriarchal lineage. If your Mother is a Jew then you are a Jew.

MAC Reveals Tutorial for Disney’s Maleficent’s Makeup Look ...
Angie Stars as the Demonic Malificent.

The illuminutti’s like to put their shit right in your face:

ma•lef•i•cent mə-lĕf′ĭ-sənt►

  • adj.Harmful or malicious in intent or effect.
  • Doing or producing harm; acting with evil intent or effect; harmful; mischievous: as, a maleficent enemy or deed.
  • adj.Doing evil to others; harmful; mischievous.
March 27, 2013

Actor Harrison Ford has teamed up with the “High Priests of Globalism” to save the planet. In a video (see link below), Ford explains his role at “nature advocacy” group Conservation International, a foundation in the hip pocket of the arch globalists over at the Rockefeller Foundation. He is flanked by CEO Peter Seligmann and Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

See the propaganda video here.

It really is amazing how clueless actors and Hollywood liberals like Ford and Angelina Jolie fall for the propaganda of the global elite and allow themselves to be used as tools.

Comment: I disagree with Jones that Angelina Jolie is clueless. I think she knows exactly what she is doing. She doesn’t care and has a really insoucient attitude that it’s useless to fight these Satanists as they rule Amerika and she saw what happens to a real Whistleblower who did fight against them and is in abject poverty now. Being a Taurus money is everything to her and power and title/position so of course she would be willing to sell us all out for her own gain. Plus the American people are to blame as well demonizing anyone who was decent enough to warn them and always taking the side of the criminals who own us.

Now we will all starve and die for that is what the criminal syndicate running Amerika have planned for us. We may even get into WW3 with Russia and China and millions of Americans will be slaughtered. It’s going to be like cattle at a slaughterhouse.

Expect hyperinflation as the dollar collapses, civil unrest, war and death.

This is what Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie are fine with as they are actively promoting the Satanic Agendas leading to this end. BTW Angie Jolie and Brad Pitt stocked up on gold coins at gold broker Blanchards in Baton Rouge, LA. They know this collapse is coming. Brad Pitt came out with ‘The Big Short’ about Wall Street (Jewish) corruption.

The Ugly Truth is what this is all leading up to:

How Blind People Are:

Angelina Jolie and Bill Gates are the world’s most admired …

BillGates and Angelina Jolie have been named the most admired man and woman in the world.. The tech mogul and the actress-turned-humanitarian have topped the list, compiled by YouGov – a market …

Comment: In reality both are complete and total 100% PSYCHOPATHS but you would never know it from the cabal propaganda making both into saints. From insiders which claim (I cannot prove) Bill Gates is a Pedophile and Angie a drug addict/degenerate. The Cabal promotes Pedophiles & Degenerates, drug addicts & alcoholics b/c they can ALWAYS be controlled with their addictions, photographed, compromised and blackmailed. Total Cabal controlled operatives.

World's most admired 2015: Angelina Jolie and Bill Gates ...

My Comment: I suspect the military-industrial complex (run by Satanists) wants WW3 to thin the herd (Americans) and make money. They see us all as no more than cattle.

What do you do with cattle? Slaughter them.

Our country is run by Satanic Money Junkies. Anything for money and anything they WILL do to enrich themselves. They have no conscience, no morals, no empathy. What they did to the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is what they plan for the American people. To them it’s all in a money making day’s work.

BTW they have built underground bunkers for theirselves ONLY. No underground bunkers for the American People. Russia has underground bunkers for the entire population. Who do You think cares about their citizens more? Real leaders who care about their people do everything they can to avoid wars. The American people have been taken for fools by these Malificent Satanists. They will pay in many many ways for the cost of looking the other way for six decades is going to be paid in a big way. The bill for our insoucience is coming due.

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