It is my great hope and deepest wish that all who love the state and Bill Gates line up and get their vaccination shots.

Coronahoax was my Lifelong Vindication


This Coronahoax has vindicated my life and everything I have felt, studied, and come to reason and be suspicious of.  No one can deny the conspiracy now, unless they are complete idiots.  9-11-2001 was a big wake up call for millions, this plandemic sham is a wake up for hundreds of millions.  You can’t deny these manipulating motherfuckers now.

I would like to explain for posterity my own situation a bit, as I have been the rebel and free thinker at war with the group hive mind my entire life.  As far back as I can remember I hated my parents cowardly sheepish attitude toward authority, how they would never question church or state, like in the Vietnam war how they backed that motherfucker Nixon who prolonged the war, dragging it out for years for no logical reason except that is what the military industrial bankster complex wanted.

I have been alone in my feelings my entire life, as far back as I can remember I never felt good going to church or celebrating Christmas (or any holiday).  I could feel the sham of all these celebrations, like the Fourth of July (which is called by conspiracy researchers 4th of Jewlie and for good reasons).   What part of being a tax slave do you not understand?

After 911, the meme “4th of Jewlie” started circulating on the internets.  Why are we celebrating our independence when we are slaves is what conspiracy researchers ask.  Our freedom is a sham, we are not free, and 911 is the proof that wars are started on lies.  So marching down the street waving a flag made in China just proves what retards we are, and now they have canceled the parades due to the covid hoax.

After 911 another thing happened to me, I really got tired of all these retards who still think Muslims did it.  As plain as day you can see a controlled demolition of the Trade Towers, including building 7 (WTC7) which was not hit by an airplane.  Thus any thinking logical mind KNOWS the Muslims are being framed for an inside job false flag.  But you see most people can’t wrap their mind around that the official version is a pack of lies.

Muslims had no access to the Trade Towers and thus could not have placed the demolition charges, but the Israelis did have access thus we know who did it.  And we know the Israelis specialize in frame up jobs, like the day Israel attacked the defenseless USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967.  Israel tried to sink one of our ships and kill all the sailors on board, then that bastard LBJ and the Navy covered it up.

So anyone celebrating our freedom on the Fourth is a fool.  This false patriotism is what the sheep go for, and thus they are damned.  If you haven’t detected the blatant lies and manipulations by now then you are truly a dead soul whose psyche is turned off.  A normal person should be someone who is aware of the criminal nature of the state and is outraged, but sadly most people are cowards and can’t go there.

I want you to know that I was some sort of black sheep who wasn’t going along with the program.  For instance, in high school I filmed the burning of my Catholic theology book, when I was playing it back to my friends in school during recess, then my theology teacher walked in and I thought I was in big trouble.  But he didn’t get mad, in fact he wasn’t even bothered in the least.

Amazingly he didn’t react and didn’t care, I guess he was just doing his job and didn’t actually believe in what he taught (which is pathetic to say the least).  Funny how that became one of the most impressive teachings of my life, and I adopted it and applied it ever since.  NEVER REACT to someone else’s problem. That became my guiding light to get through life.  Never become emotional about other people’s problems is real wisdom of a sage.

I’ve expanded this knowledge by coming to the firm conclusion that humans are really screwed up so never let anyone pull your chain.  There is great peace in getting to the place of never reacting to a crisis.  It’s not a matter of who cares, it’s a matter of understanding that things are always are going to go wrong.   Thus once you KNOW that things are going haywire then why react?

Murphy’s law says “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.  Like this latest coronavirus insanity, our society has gone batshit insane but I have not, I am still centered because I know stuff like this is going to happen, thus my life and my path have been vindicated.  I do not listen to the news or the latest bullshit death toll.  It is all a steaming pile of bullshit and everyone knows it.

The mask wearing coronavirus crazies have vindicated my being.  You see dear reader, the great overreaction is by those who don’t know government conspiracies.  It is my great hope and deepest wish that all who love the state and Bill Gates line up and get their vaccination shots. If you believe this shit is real then please get your shots and your tracking chip, sucker.

Mandatory vaccinations will be Darwin’s Law of Survival of the Fittest and Natural Selection at work in real time.  If you are so stupid as to fall for this hoax and actually let the government stick you with a Bill Gates funded needle then you surely need to be out of the gene pool.  Obviously billionaire Bill Gates of Hell is trying to kill you off, but most people haven’t figured that because they don’t believe in conspiracies.

When I get up in the morning I am a warrior going into battle, I will be interacting with other hominids that day, so I am on my guard.  I say to myself, what kind of crazy mother fuckers will I see today, and how can I avoid them?  A crisis on their part is not going to be my crisis.  Everyday my lover or my kids is going to have a crisis, why should I allow that to be my problem?  If I am sane, I should not.

That segways to my next point, I do believe most normal states of consciousness are actually forms of insanity, and after I read about how the Anunnaki created us then I knew I found the source of our insanity.  An insane species called the Anunnaki created us, and thus our specie is also insane.  It’s not our fault like the Bible says, we had no say in it, they did it, not us.

Dear readers, I hope to convey this important message to you, humans are an insane specie, our leaders are double top secret batshit crazy, we are souls being tortured on a prison planet which for those outside of earth think is hell.  So you see there is no problem for things to be always screwed up, as we are in hell, and hell is supposed to be bad. 

So it is my advice to stay centered and sane while the masses go crazy wearing goggles and face masks of shame, standing in their social distancing circles while in line at the store or the bank, as if standing 6 feet away would save you from a real pathogen.  It is all make believe and a total hoax, if humanity was hit with a real and deadly bioweapon like the Black Plague and you saw bodies piled up like cordwood on the sidewalk do you think standing 6 feet away would save you?

A real airborne pathogen is everywhere, and you need more like 6 miles of separation.  Six feet is a totally arbitrary number and was chosen because it represents the depth a body is buried so dogs don’t dig up the corpse.  Now these idiots are wearing pool noodles on their heads and eat with Pac Man masks is a real laugh.  If you can’t see this is total make believe cultural idiocy then please get your Gates of Hell shot.

You know I have this theory that the Trump-Kushner gang hit China with a real bioweapon.  Many websites covered the story, the US Military was in Wuhan China for the World Military Games in October 2019, then the chinks started falling over dead shortly thereafter.  So the theory says we were hit by blowback, or perhaps they increased our defensive posture with the covid exercise “that went live” (according to that fat pig Pompeo).

Comment: Sadly this man is a racist. Too many white Nationalists are racist. The racism is everywhere: Black Lives Matter, Antifa, White Nationalists, everywhere. I believe Amerika is #1 the Most Racist Country ever along with ISRAHELL.

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