Healing Oils Raise Your Energy

Raise Your Energy Frequency with Essential Oils

Hoping to lift your energy state and experience a greater sense of wellness?

Well, you can achieve this with the use of essential oils.

Let’s understand more about energy frequency and how you can raise your vibrational state with essential oils.

Everything is Energy

If you review the science textbooks from your school days, you will be reminded of the basic scientific fact: Everything is Energy.

There is a subtle bio-energy that flows through all of life.

Some people call it life force and others call it chi. This bio-energy has a vibration to it. It can be measured. It is expressed as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency.

And so, everything has frequency.

Emotions have frequency and so do thoughts. Even solids have frequency.

The difference lies in the varying levels of frequencies.

Those with consciousness such as humans experience higher energy frequency states.

Then again, not all of us humans vibrate at the same levels.

Also, we don’t always vibrate at optimum energy frequency states.

One main reason is because we allow our negative emotions and limiting thoughts to be in charge. It happens when we are easily affected by what other people say and when we put ourselves down by old and unhelpful beliefs. Whether we hold positive or negative thoughts and emotions can affect our  energy state. Reportedly, negative thoughts lower our frequency by 12 MHz while positive thoughts raise our frequency by 10 MHz. 

Another reason is that we undertake unhealthy lifestyle choices. Our choices are reflected in the food we eat, the harmful products we use, and the toxins we consume daily. Pathogens have a low frequency. So do pollutants – both particulate and radiation (EMF). Processed and canned food having a frequency of zero can greatly diminish our frequency.

In simple terms and at the physical level, frequency is the measurement of how quickly foundational cells are circulating and regenerating within the body.  The greater the movement within the cells, the more free your body is to self-heal.  The slower the cells move within the body, the greater the chance for tumors, blockages, and diseases to develop.

When we become out of balance excessively and over prolonged periods of time, our body’s natural ability to heal itself declines. We are not able to operate optimally. Consequently, we find that we are not in the best state to attract abundance and live the life we desire.

The Energy Frequency of Essential Oils

Fortunately, we have essential oils.

“For a number of years during my clinical practice, I researched the use of electrical energy for the purpose of reversing the disease process. I kept feeling that there had to be a more natural way of increasing a person’s electrical frequency, which led to the discovery of the electrical frequency of oils.” Dr Gary Young

Studies conducted by Eastern Washington University and using a Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) developed by Taino Technology showed the measurable influence essential oils had on the body, specifically focusing on Young Living (see the chart below).

Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance.

Pure grade essential oils range in frequency from 52 to 580 MHz (latest finding with Idaho Blue Spruce). A healthy body, from head to foot, typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, while disease begins at 57 MHz.


A higher biometric frequency encourages our body to regenerate damaged cells, build a higher immune defense to viruses as well as sustain energy vitality.

John Hopkins University now implements a CFM in their study of disease, and Young Living laboratory uses one for in-house testing of each batch of product.

Here are the average frequencies of some of the therapeutic grade essential oils that have been measured:


What the Experts Say about Energy Frequency

Dr. Royal R. Rife, M.D. (1888-1971) conducted research with a machine he developed called a “frequency generator” that applies currents of specific frequencies to the body. He concluded that every disease has a specific frequency. His research demonstrated that certain frequencies could prevent the development of disease, and that others would neutralize disease.

Dr. Richard Gerber MD, author of Vibrational Medicine, recommends that we change dysfunctional patterns in our energy bodies is to administer therapeutic doses of “frequency-specific subtle energy in the form of vibrational medicines.”
Terry Friedman, author of Freedom Through Health shares that raising our vibrational frequency aids in “restoring health to the body, clarity to the mind and attunement to the spirit.”

Make Lifestyle Choices Based on Understanding of Energy Frequencies

Here are 5 tips:

1. Cook your meals with fresh ingredients and garden herbs. Fresh produce has a frequency up to 15 MHz, dry herbs from 12 to 22 MHz, and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 MHz. Avoid processed and canned foods since they have no measurable frequency whatsoever.

2. Go offline and reduce your usage of electronic devices periodically. You are probably aware about the ill effects of electronic devices but continue to use them anyway. Here is why it is important to go on an electronic fast. Your lamps, television, radio, phone, microwave and all emit dissonant energies. According to David Stewart in The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, when something vibrates at many dissonant frequencies, it produces “chaotic or incoherent frequencies.” They fracture the human electrical field and result in illness and diseases.

3. Avoid drugs and products that contain toxic ingredients. Pharmaceuticals and synthetic oils are substances that also do not produce coherent frequencies.

4. Apply therapeutic grade essential oils. Most naturally occurring substances –including essential oils – have coherent frequencies that resonate harmoniously with the electrical field of the human body. Thus, by applying an essential oil, you can restore your body back to its original natural harmonic resonance. For an oil blend, its therapeutic frequency is derived from the combination of single oils. Disease or illness either doesn’t manifest or is resolved.

5. Use the power of intention. Amplify the effect of essential oils with the power of positive intention such as prayer! Prayer raises your energy frequency by 15MHz. 

Apply Essential Oils to Restore Your Harmonic Balance

The great news is that you do not have to use a frequency generator or machine to restore your body back into balance.

You can achieve this naturally – through applying essential oils.

Pure essential oils have properties that can help you realign emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

“Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live. I believe that the chemistry and frequencies of essential oils have the ability to help man maintain the optimal frequency to the extent that disease cannot exist.” Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils 

Essential oils in the higher frequency ranges are great for emotional healing.
 They are helpful for dislodging past traumas for release. They can also help you with opening your heart (apply rose essential oil over your heart chakra) and with spiritual alignment (apply sacred frankincense on your crown chakra). Not surprisingly, many people report of experiencing an uplifted state after using essential oils.

Essential oils in the lower frequencies have more effect on structural and physical changes, including cells, hormones, and bones, as well as viruses and bacteria. They help to clear out the toxins. Toxins are not able to thrive in a high frequency environment.

The vibrational frequency of an essential oil reflects the bio-energy or life force that is embodied. Maintaining the integrity of its composition becomes crucial. It factors into the oil’s potential therapeutic value. Thus, only use pure grade essential oils such as the ones produced by Young Living.


“Essential oils all emit a spectrum of frequencies that come from the bonds between elements comprising the molecules of their compounds. Each molecule is like a tiny stringed instrument where the bonds between the atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen act as strings of different pitches, just as a guitar or a harp has several strings of different pitches each with harmonics and overtones of their own.” Dr David Stewart


Young Living Essential Oil Energy Frequency

Pure essential oils offer you a natural way for harmonic wellness at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Each Young Living oil or blend, based on its complex composition, carries a particular frequency. It is similar to a musical instrument with a rich sound.

Laying the oils one after another is like putting together and resonating in a symphony of musical notes that is aligned with the rhythms of nature! 

“So the next time you apply essential oils on yourself or others, think of it as composing and performing a rhapsody of music, to which the body, mind and soul can respond as you would in a fine concert.” Dr David Stewart

Raise your energy frequency with Young Living essential oils and live your best life!

To Your Wealth and Wellness,



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