Elon Musk Intelligence Asset

Elon Musk Intel Asset


“Elon Musk is much more than just an average politically opinionated tech CEO. He is an intel asset.”

"Musk is most likely a frontman, a figurehead sponsored by In-Q-Tel, which is a CIA subdivision, which is tasked with funding companies in order to make them part of the government, so they can put their backdoors and other surprises."

“He is just like Jeff Bezos, Mark ZuckerBerg, Tom Hanks, Jack Dorsey, or Bill Gates.”

“They all have specific high-profile public image in their respective fields, however they are also active behind the scenes, all connected through the same entity of common intel agency.

Intelligence agencies are especially heavily interested and invested in all tech sectors, especially space and remote-controlled cars, so just like they have journalists as assets that work for big newspapers to publish or spin specific story that CIA wants, they have tech CEOs, developers etc. that do CIA’s bidding.”

“When one of them shows a higher potential, then that person gets into smaller, close-circle of powerful people. Elon Musk is one of them. He is glowing brighter than supernova. Just research his involvement with companies and where they get their money from. Government subsidies are not to “help” company grow, but to make them govt’s slave. Everything that comes from Musk is guaranteed to have backdoors and other hidden surprises.”

Musk has no idea how anything “his” companies are involved with really works, he just vaguely knows what is going on and that’s why he vaguely answers, no details, but anything serious, anything that actually gets things done is outside of his “expertise”, knowledge and capabilities, because he is just a figurehead who gets regular briefings by his handler/s on what’s going on in these CIA-run companies and tell him what to say and what not to say, that’s why Musk appears to have serious problems with answering even basic questions, because he must follow a script, he must be careful about what he says, he isn’t talking organically, but creates sentences that would fit with his pre-determined answers from the script to asked question, that’s why he needs time after each question regarding “his” companies to answer it.”

“Organic conversation flows smoothly, Musk must first think on HOW to answer a question (not what to answer-he knows from the script what to answer) in such a manner, so that he stays within the script given by the handler. Notice, that when he talks about companies he is slow to respond and responds chaotically, but when asked about other things he answers organically. Watch interviews with him and pay close attention to his body language, facial expressions, voice intonation, micro-expressions etc. and you will see.”

“His role is likely to help facilitate the corporate militarization of space. Think the film Aliens, with Corporations sending private armies around in space ships.”

Musk would be a total nobody if he wasn’t compromised, 100% controlled and propped up. Just like all these people I mentioned above. They are all part of something bigger.

“Joe Rogan and see Musk sweating when asked how he is able to run all these companies, in the interview, the one thing that struck me was that Musk sees humans as essentially machines, and in this sense is utterly atheistic and nihilistic. I think is the prevalent worldview of our ‘elites’.”

“Elon Musk is a total fraud

DON’T be fooled. So far, Tesla billionaire Elon Musk has only been successful at tricking people into thinking he’s a success.”

List of defunct automobile manufacturers of the United States

“Startup Nikola Motor has opened a pre-order for an electric pickup Badger on hydrogen fuel cells. Soon after, a company that has no income, which has not yet produced a single car, and which does not even have a plant for their production (its construction can begin this summer), even if not for long, but outstripped Ford by market capitalization.”

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