Drunkard Pelosi Caught on Tape-Unfit to Be in Congress

Comment: She also pretty much does the opposite of what voters want. she’s on the payola. Her net worth is over $100 million while her salary is about $174,000. How does anyone get a net worth of $100 million with a salary of less than $200K? Back room deals and under the table deals.

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1.33K subscribersSUBSCRIBEToday on Liquid Lunch, John Tabacco covered the highest trending topics in the news. We kicked it off with some sports by looking into opening night viewership for the NBA, NHL & MLB and found some very interesting connections to politics. Fernando Uribe joined us from across border in New Jersey to discuss the possibility of President Trump taking action against all Chinese-owned software firms. Also in the news today, Dr. Simone Gold, the doctor who was preaching the positive effects of hydroxychloroquine in the viral White Coat Summit video has been fired from her job. Next, we looked into “20 Things Every Motivated 20-Something Should Know” with producer & millennial expert Pavlina Osta. Finally, we wrapped the first hour with some disturbing news from Staten Island: the Marina Cafe was targeted by the NY government and you’ll never believe the “evidence” against them. Wondering how many U.S. restaurants have been permanently closed to due COVID? Hour 2 kicks off with some more news of the day with JT where he hits us with some shocking numbers. We mix it up with democrat Josh Kravitz and republican Jadan Horyn who duke it out over a number of political topics. We hear from a Democrat (or is he) candidate for NY State Assembly Dion Powell about his personal experience with mail-in voting fraud. And finally, you will not believe which gigantic entertainment company now has ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

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