Trump Warns [Zionist] Gates-Controlled U.N. Wants Permanent U.S. Shutdown & Gates Controls WHO

Trump Warns Gates-Controlled U.N. Wants Permanent U.S. Shutdown

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In this emergency Saturday report, Alex Jones lays out the latest development in the globalist plan to create a worldwide depression and destroy America forever.

Note by LD. I received this Alex Jones “banned video” in my inbox today from a trusted correspondent and was challenged to publish it. So here it is. Please understand I have no strong views on this subject, either for or against, nor do any of my associates on this site. Feel free to praise the video or attack it, according to how you feel.

This video is not an attack on Trump—since Jones argues that Trump is “one of the good guys”, though he is being manipulated by powerful interests who are turning the screw on him.  Trump, Jones maintains, needs to stand up to the “bad guys” a bit more firmly—to Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, and the deep state officials at the U.N. who are working flat out to destroy America and usher in a sinister new world order in which most of us will be slaves. 

The overall impression left by the video is that Trump may have good intentions but is a helpless puppet in the hands of an implacable elite. They will shoehorn him into the White House again if he plays ball, but they will destroy him if he doesn’t. [LD]  

Trump Warns Gates-Controlled U.N.
Wants Permanent U.S. Shutdown

Bill Gates Has Been Controlling WHO | Armstrong Economics company saw its once invincible market share erode due to old-fashioned competition which allowed computers to finally explode after Gates’control was demolished. This is what has been alleged was part of the unpublished deal that Gates himself would step down, which he interestingly allegedly did to avoid the breakup of Microsoft.

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