Trump Enabling the Establishment’s Entrapment of Him

Trump Enables the Establishment’s Entrapment of Him

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Trump Enables the Establishment’s Entrapment of Him

Paul Craig Roberts

The Hill supports overthrowing Trump and “white America”

Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General at the Department of Justice (sic), continues his attack on President Trump who stupidly keeps the traitor in office. Horowitz is the Democrat operative who gave Democrats a pass for their criminal effort to frame President Trump in a fabricated “Russiagate” plot.

Now this person committed to the destruction of the Trump presidency is investigating the alleged use of force by federal law enforcement personnel against ‘protesters’ in Portland, Ore. and Washington D.C.

In other words, as local Democrat governments REFUSE to use the police power of the state and local governments to protect property and people from damage from rioters and looters described by presstitutes as “peaceful protesters,” and federal personnel have to be sent in, the media presstitutes turn it into “Trump’s inappropriate use of force.”

Trump should fire Horowitz immediately.  He should have fired the piece of excrement years ago. He should fire the idiot in the Department of Homeland Security that Horowitz has convinced to work with him in this new conspiracy against Trump.  

As I wrote years ago, Trump has no understanding of Washington and has surrounded himself with a government totally opposed to him and to America. Trump has entrapped himself in his own governemnt.

You need to understand that the official position of the ruling establishment is that white America is evil and must be overthrown. This, of course, clears us out of the way for their rule.  What are deceptively called “peaceful protests” are revolutionary acts, the purpose of which is to leave white people and their property undefended and violated.

As Trump has stepped in to defend what state and local Democrats refuse to defend, the establishment has its whores in the media present Trump as evil for being in the way of the revolution called “peaceful protest,” and Trump sits there and allows his own government to investigate him.

Insouciant Americans need to wake up and to understand that Trump has presidential appointments in his Department of Justice and his Department of Homeland security who are investigating him for maintaining law and order in the United States.  He has an Attorney General that he appointed and a director of Homeland Secrity that he appointed who have not fired the operatives who have announced their investigation of Trump for acting to uphold law and order in the United States.

Clearly, there is no hope for America.  Share this page

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