The Pentagon Infestation
To pull off 9/11 it was imperative that total control of
The Department of Defense (DOD) be established. The
offices of the DOD are located in the giant office
complex in Washington, D.C. known as the Pentagon
that was constructed during preparations for, and just
prior to, WWII.
To enable four drone airliners to
successfully reach their targets, the unfathomably
expensive United States Air Force had to be rendered
impotently inept. If you control the Department of
Defense you control the U.S. Air Force. Not a single jetliner, not to mention three, would have reached their
targets without the USAF being castrated on 9/11. Throw
in the Dick Cheney shenanigans emanating from the
White House on 9/11/2001 and the United States Air
Force was indeed blinded, castrated and laughably
impotent at a critical morning in America’s history. 

When Rabbi Dov Zakheim, as a member of the Project
for a New American Century, wrote about the need for a
“new Pearl Harbor,” he definitely got exactly what he needed.  Enter the “Wrecking Crew” who were all George W.
Bush appointees including:

PAUL WOLFOWITZ arrived on January 20, 2001 and
became the #2 ranked man at the Pentagon. 

RABBI DOV ZAKHEIM arrived on April 4, 2001 as
Pentagon Comptroller. 

DOUGLS FEITH arrived in July of 2001 and became
the #3 ranked man at the Pentagon. 

RICHARD PERLE also arrived in 2001 in time for
9/11. Doug Feith appointed Perle as the chairman of the
Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee mainly to
distract and misdirect the already distracted and
misdirected Donald Rumsfeld who was the George W.
BUSH appointed Department of Defense Chairman
installed on January 20, 2001.
Zionist Jew ELLIOT ABRAMS was another Rumsfeld
distracter/handler who was appointed to the National
Security Council (NSC) on June 25, 2001.
Wolfowitz, Feith, Zakheim, Perle and Abrams are all
Jewish Zionists who are rabidly loyal to Israel first and
foremost. None have any military experience whatsoever.
 …yet they assumed
absolute control of our military.  

 Donald Rumsfeld had prior military experience but from
1977 until his George W. Bush appointment to run theDOD he was busy making big bucks at pharmaceutical
companies, Searle and Gilead, selling the health hazard
known as NutraSweet and the unnecessary, to the point of being a fraud,bird flu antiviral drug, Tamiflu.
Remember… Wolfowitz, Feith and Perle had all been
investigated by the FBI years prior to 9/11for passing
classified documents to the Israelis.
Do not let the timing of the arrival of all these characters
escape your notice. All of these traitors arrived just
months before 9/11 with plenty of time to do extensive
damage to our military and our country. Now that those
introductions have been made, let’s get to know these
traitors starting with:
Paul Wolfowitz
Paul Wolfowitz was born in Brooklyn, New York in
1943. He grew up in Ithaca, N.Y. where his father, a
Polish Jewish immigrant, was a professor of statistical
theory at Cornell University. Supposedly most of his
father’s family perished in the WWII Holocaust. Family
history rather than the jungles of Viet Nam or the
corridors of Congress forged Paul’s worldviews.
Wolfowitz did his graduate work at the University of
Chicago and completed his PhD dissertation, “Nuclear
Proliferation in the Middle East” under Albert Wohlsetter
who was a Senior Policy Analyst at the RAND
Corporation. Wohlsetter was much of the inspiration for
the Hollywood movie “Dr. Strangelove.”
From ’70 to ‘72 Wolfowitz taught in the Political Science
Department at Yale where one of his students was JewishZionist Lewis “Scooter” Libby (Liebowitz). In ’72 Wolfowitz was
part of Nixon’s U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament
Agency (ACDA) team (but he really did not believe in
arms control or disarmament). As Director of the CIA,
George H.W. Bush formed a committee of anti-
communist experts headed by Jewish Zionist Richard
Pipes to assess raw data. Based on the recommendation
of Richard Perle, Pipes picked Wolfowitz for the
committee that was later known as TEAM-B (that
included Douglas Feith).
It was later determined that all the intelligence gathered
by TEAM-B was greatly exaggerated, and its members
were actually war agitators rather than professional
intelligence experts.
In ’77, during the Carter Administration, Wolfowitz
moved to the Pentagon and became the U.S. Assistant
Deputy Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs for
the DOD. He then returned to academics in 1980 and
became a visiting professor at the Paul H. Nitze School of
Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University…
 It seems to me that most people in government service
can’t hold a steady job!
There are plenty of convoluted stories, accusations,
investigations, and calls for grand jury actions against
Wolfowitz for spying on the U.S. for Israel, but somehow
no formal charges were ever brought against this traitor.
And what is friggin’ incredible is that Bush appointed
this traitorous spy to the #2 position at the Pentagon
during the months just prior to 9/11… Actually it is not
incredible at all that Bush appointed Wolfowitz as thereal boss at the Pentagon prior to 9/11because it was all art of a well-orchestrated plan.
Wolfowitz was on board Richard V. Allen’s National
Security Advisory team in ’79 and ’80 but broke ranks
and denounced Saddam Hussein while at the same time
Rumsfeld was shaking Saddam Hussein’s hand and
selling him “weapons of mass destruction.” Wolfowitz was also dead set against opening a dialog with the
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and thought
that selling Airborne Warning and Control System
(AWACS) aircraft to the Saudis was insane. Wolfowitz
was arguably THE strongest supporter of Israel in the
Reagan regime.
In ’82 Secretary of State George Schultz appointed
Wolfowitz as the Assistant Secretary of State for East
Asian and Pacific Affairs. Under his watch the opposition
leader to dictator Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines
was assassinated. Marcos fled the country aboard a
USAF plane or his countrymen would’ve torn him to
pieces. The U.S. government officially recognized the
rebel government in an attempt to hold onto our Air
Force and Naval bases in the Philippines, but lost them anyway.
 Marcos lived happily ever after in his Hawaiian beach
house at U.S. taxpayer expense. Some people say that
upon Marcos’ death his wife, Imelda, moved to
downtown Manhattan Island, NY and rented two
apartments; one for her, and one for her shoes at tax
payer expense. But that is preposterous of course… or is it?

From ’86 to ’89, Wolfowitz was our U.S. Ambassador to
Indonesia where the military-backed dictatorship ofPresident Suharto was selling off the country’s oil for
pennies on the dollar while trying to get the blood stains
off of his clothes from the recent East Timor slaughter of
thousands. Some people say Paul would have loved to
finish the slaughter just to show those upstart Timorese
that they can’t build a Muslim democracy on his turf, but
too many people were watching.
So, he did a bunch of photo-op grandstanding to make
everybody think he had gone native and was actually
concerned about the people of Indonesia. He made a
pretense of doing good things that were well publicized locally.
 After the 2002 Bali bombing Wolfowitz was quoted as
saying, “The reason the terrorists are now successful in
Indonesia is because the Suharto regime fell and the
methods that were used to suppress them are gone.”
Wolfowitz actually thought Suharto was a good guy,
which is very revealing. Henry Kissinger and Gerald
Ford were major players in enabling the East Timor
massacre in 1975 by approving it. Kissinger personally
had Wolfowitz installed in Indonesia in the first place!
See The Trials of Henry Kissinger: documentary with gory details of what a
slime ball Kissinger was, and still is. There is a book with
the same title as the documentary by Christopher
Hitchens that the documentary was based on. In this
documentary you will notice that the Kissinger/CIA
backed coup in Chile to overthrow Salvador Allende
decades ago commenced on 9/11/1973.
Speaking of the date 9/11, again I’ll mention the speech
by Charles Lindbergh (Yes, “Lucky Lindy”) given in DesMoines, Iowa on September 11, 1941. Lindbergh tried to
keep us out of WWII and described the consequential
Jewish influence on American domestic and foreign
policy… but of course it didn’t work out for him.
Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anna Lindh, was
stabbed and died the next day on 9/11/2003. Some people
say she was murdered for criticizing the U.S. war in Iraq
and for criticizing Israel’s many human rights violations.
Recently the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens,
was murdered on 9/11/2012 in a planned attack in
Benghazi. The attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi is
still an inconclusive event that has been largely swept
under the rug. Were any Mossad agents in the vicinity at
the time is the first question that I would ask.
So what’s up with the date 911? Is it a numerology thing,
or a repetitious coincidence, occultism, a post-mortem slap at
Lindbergh, or what?
Anyway… From 1994 to early 2001, Wolfowitz was an
academic again as Professor of International Relations,
and Dean of the Paul H. Nitz School of Advanced
International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. Sounds pretty hoity toity, but all he was
really doing was bad mouthing Saddam Hussein and the
Clintons while trying to get the ever bumbling Bob Dole
elected as president with the help of his pal
Donald Rumsfeld. It must be admitted that Zionist
traitors like Wolfowitz know an easily manipulated dumb
ass when they see one and always support dumb asses in
a push for the presidency.

Through the Project for a New American Century
(PNAC) think tank, Wolfowitz advocated building
permanent military bases all over the world to establish a
New World Order, and of course, be one of the guys
running the world. This advocacy became known as the
“Wolfowitz Doctrine” and has indeed been created. The 700 some odd military bases that we maintain worldwide
are bleeding America out economically and the only
place where real military concentration was supposedly
necessary, that place being Afghanistan, is STILL not
secured after …what is it now… 12 or 13 years later…?
During the 2000 Presidential election campaign
Wolfowitz was the foreign policy advisor to George W.
Bush as part of a group led by ultra-lackey Condoleeza
Rice called The Vulcans. Vulcans is really just a tough
sounding name for a bunch of chicken hawks.
I have no doubt that the entirety of Wolfowitz’s advice
for Bush was, “Invade Iraq, then invade Iran, then invade
Syria, then Lebanon, then Afghanistan, then Jordan, then
Egypt,” and so forth. After 9/11 no one could get Paul to
shut the hell up about invading Iraq. I think Bush probably capitulated just to get all the Israel Firsters to
shut the hell up; not to mention the war profit margins
would be stratospheric for the Bush family investments
in Carlyle Group companies!
It was Wolfowitz who told the House Appropriations
Committee on March 27, 2003 that Iraqi oil revenues
would pay for the mess we we’re making there.
Ultimately, Dutch Royal Shell and Petronas Oil of
Malaysia got most of the oil rights and even contracted
Dick Cheney’s Halliburton to drill more wells for them!

And don’t ever forget that Halliburton moved from
Houston to Dubai to avoid paying American taxes!
Wolfowitz, as part of the “wrecking crew,” did such a
terrific job of castrating the USAF on a critical morning,
wrecking the Pentagon, stealing trillions, igniting wars,
and “protecting” us from Osama Bin Laden, that George
W. Bush nominated him for the presidency of the World
Bank. Paul’s experience in banking was zilch, but who
cares, it was a trophy job for doing a good job on 9/11.
Wolfowitz then proceeded to appoint unqualified cronies
to quarter million dollar a year jobs at the World Bank.
He raised many eyebrows when he appointed his
Tunisian (or was it Libyan?)… err… naturalized British
girlfriend to a job that paid way more than company
policy prescribed, and had to resign before he was fired.
 So after two years of doing nothing besides attending
Bilderberger G-8 meetings to “discuss climate change”,
Wolfowitz quit before he got fired. It always looks good
on paper to quit before you’re fired.
Douglas Feith
Feith was a gofer for the likes of Richard Perle and
Cap Weinberger at the Department of Defense during the
Reagan years after being fired from the National Security
Council (NSC). Feith was fired from his Reagan
Administration appointment at the NSC because the FBI
was investigating him for passing classified NSC
documents to the Israeli embassy in 1982. He then went
to work for Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle
at the Pentagon as Special Counsel.

Feith worked as a lawyer in the private sector during the
Clinton years, returned to government service for the
Bush II years, and evidently was appointed as the dirty
job guy for Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz at the Pentagon in
July of 2001. Feith at the Pentagon was ranked #3 in the
DOD power structure.
If I were a uniformed military officer, I’d have a real
hard time taking Feith and company seriously. Again…A
bunch of civilian ZIONIST Jewish American chicken
WHATSOEVER was running our military in the run
up to 9/11 and the Afghan-Iraq wars.
Doug Feith’s office at the Pentagon was in charge of
prisons in the war theaters. So we can deduce that the
repulsively embarrassing Abu Ghraib war crime
shenanigans were his idea. It was Feith who devised the
“legal” solution for getting around the Geneva
Conventions’ prohibition on physically or
psychologically coercing prisoners of war into talking…
as if they had something to tell.
Military Judge Advocate Lawyers (JAG lawyers) said
Feith had a dismissive, if not derisive, attitude toward the
Geneva Conventions. One JAG lawyer said, “Feith called
the Geneva Conventions, law in the service of terror.”I see that as perfectly revealing.
Feith has no idea, or actually knows perfectly well, that it
is the very existence of documents such as The Geneva
Convention that separates the bad guys from the good
guys by the nature of their adherence to it, or non-adherence.

My USAF fighter-pilot father was a prisoner of war in a
Chinese POW camp for 22 months during the Korean
War. He was shot down during a combat mission,
parachuted safely, and was promptly captured by Chinese
troops. My father had very strong opinions regarding the
torturing of any helpless human being in the custody of
abusive captors.
During my Father’s last years on earth it became
increasingly apparent to him that we were dismantling
our manufacturing engine and shipping it to China to
save on domestic labor costs. China was a country he
considered the U.S. still technically at war with, and
China thinks the same thing. The Korean War truce is
still in place!
BTW: You don’t sign a truce if you’re winning a war.
China kicked America’s ass hard during the Korean War,
now known as the “forgotten war.” My father wondered hat sorts of people were running the show in
Washington during his last days on earth. I wish I could
tell him. Had my father lived to see the Abu Ghraib
revelations he would have been the very first American
to fully understand the damage that we were doing to
ourselves! Several strong men would have been needed
to loosen his grip on Feith’s throat had the opportunity
presented itself for those two to meet.
These Jewish American chicken-hawk Pentagon
manipulators like Feith, Perle and Wolfowitz got their
torture methods directly from the Israeli Shin Bet School
of torture. Israel and America use sleep deprivation,
painfully loud music, hoods over heads for days, being
tied into very uncomfortable positions for hours at a time,
routine threats with firearms and dogs, disallowing toiletuse in cells, blunt force trauma, humiliating nudity ande etc. The Israeli Supreme Court barred torture in 1999
…as if. Net search Israeli torture methods and see what
pops up.
The United States military was used by Israel to do their
dirty work. It was sickening dirty work and caused great
harm to our military and country. The United States of
America had no business whatsoever invading
Afghanistan or Iraq. I suppose if Israel and its agents
have their way we will be pouring money into Iraq’s
occupation for generations; or until we cannot afford to
be occupiers any longer. If Israel has its way the U.S.A.
will invade Iran and every other country in the Middle
East without even contributing a single Israeli soldier, or
shekel to the effort.
BTW: China is one of Iran’s main trading partner. Iran
supplies most of China’s natural gas. If the USA were to
demolish Iran like it did Iraq and take over the natural
gas flow, China would consider that an energy strangling
act of war, and would declare war on the U.S.A. Russia
and China are allies. Either one of them could strike a
mortal blow to America. The combined forces of Russia
and China would definitely strike a mortal blow.
There is a very good reason why America has not tangled
with China since the Korean War, and got its ass kicked
by the Chinese-backed Vietnamese. America has never
tangled with Russia. America only attacks weak
countries where victory is assured, like Grenada,
Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama… or Viet Nam. It’s a bully
thing. Bullies never hit anyone who they think can hit back.

How insane is it to invade and eviscerate a country such
as Iraq, killing one million people by doing so, to save
the country and its people from one guy who allegedly
killed a couple of thousand Kurds? Not to dismiss the
humanity of the Kurds, nor the altruistic idea that we
should free the Iraqi’s from a ruthless leader, but “freeing
Iraq” was not the real reason we destroyed it. Besides,
was it up to us, or was it up to the Iraqi’s to dispose of
their “evil” leader? When it comes to “sovereign
countries,” some things are simply none of your business.
Could Saddam have allegedly poisoned his people, or
brutally ruled over them, if we hadn’t sold him the goods
to enable him? I’d say Saddam knew exactly how to
properly govern his own country, and did a vastly
superior job of it than we have. He didn’t have to destroy
his country to do it. I, for one, was repulsed by the horrid
slaughter of innocent Iraqis by Americans and ashamed
that America could be so easily manipulated by an Israeli
and domestic cabal of psychopathic criminals.
When I heard Rumsfeld, who personally brokered
weapons sales to Saddam Hussein during the 1980’s,
state that the U.S military knew exactly where the
WMD’s were I laughed in disbelief. Remember his
stupid-ass explanation: “They are north, south, east, and
west of Baghdad.” …I understand there are those who
found his explanation assuring, but I thought it insulting
to me personally and to my country. Americans wanted
the justification for war to be found, but instead,
Rumsfeld fool heartedly justified the disrespect I feel for
him and all of the evil bastards involved in perpetrating
9/11 by mocking the perceived stupidity of all Americans.

There never was any justification for completely
demolishing Iraq. America was just the tool of Israeli
vengeance and regional dominance. It’s really that simple.
 I’m also very uncomfortable about my country occupying
so many other countries around the world. Any country
that hosts U.S. military bases is at least somewhat
subjugated, if not totally subjugated. No matter if it’s
Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Samoa,
Singapore, Taiwan, Palau, the Nederland’s, and over 100
other countries worldwide.
We maintain over 700 bases employing nearly 2,000,000
uniformed service personnel, nearly 500,000 DOD civil
service personnel, and over 200,000 locals. Some
countries like us being there, like the Saudis, who would
be deposed by a very resentful populace if it weren’t for
us protecting them with our military. Other places, like
Okinawa, hate our military bases being there and are
perpetually trying to expedite our leaving.
You and I are paying for all of this military subjugation
without anything at all tangible coming back to us. And
don’t buy the “world domination is necessary for U.S.
security” crap. We are economically bleeding out and
find ourselves having to use high-priced mercenary
killers (recall Blackwater mercenary services) to do the
actual fighting in places like Afghanistan and Iraq
because our uniformed military is stretched too thin worldwide.
 Any country that employs professional killers
(mercenaries) is the bad guy. The Hessian mercenaries
fighting for England against our Founding Fathers duringthe Revolutionary War didn’t do so well. Anyone who
fights for money, instead of national protection or
personal principals, will cut and run if the going gets tuff.
Doug Feith should be at least exiled and I have no doubt
where he would go. He founded a group called One
Jerusalem to oppose the Oslo Peace Accords; he was a
board member at JINSA (Jewish Institute for National
Security Affairs), and director of the Foundation for
Jewish Studies. I get the unshakable idea that guys like
Feith only enter “service” to the U.S. government to
exploit the U.S. government to facilitate the well-
being, global influence, and prosperity of Israel. Go to Israel Doug! You are already a welcome citizen there!
You’ll live longer and get smarter too!
Israel has Universal Healthcare. Participation in a
medical insurance plan is compulsory. Health care
coverage is administered by a small number of
organizations by relatively few people with funding from
the government. All Israeli citizens are entitled to the
same uniform benefits package regardless of their
financial means. Israeli healthcare is of high quality and
is delivered in an efficient and effective manner. Israelis
enjoy the 4th longest lifespan on the planet at 82 years of
age. America has the 49 th longest life span at …well, it
varies by race. African Americans die sooner than Anglo Americans.
 If I were an African American I wouldn’t like hearing
that; if I were an African American there are a lot of
things I wouldn’t like hearing.
If I wanted to immigrate to Israel I’d have to convert to
Judaism first. Converting to Judaism is such a rigmarole(I checked it out) that I’d die of old age before I could
pass the Judaism test. There is no separation of “church
and state” in Israel. Israel is admittedly a Jewish state.
The state of Israel is a hard-core hyper-racist,
religious, socialist, terrorist state subsidized and
protected by the U.S.A… Ironic isn’t it?
Furthermore, Israeli universities are subsidized by the
state and deliver low-cost high quality education. I
admire these things that are either directly or indirectly
subsidized by American tax dollars in the form of aid to
our “ally” Israel! These Israeli programs, like universal
healthcare and affordable universities, sound like what a
large segment of American Fox News watchers, and
many others, call “socialist” and they spit the word
“socialist” out like it’s a cat turd. American propaganda
radio blowhards like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck all
but advocate shooting socialist and liberals.
BTW: On November 22 nd, 2011, Glenn Beck received the
very first Defender of Israel award presented by the
Zionist Organization of America. During the past year I
made it a point to listen to rightwing radio to see what
they were up to.
Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Michael Savage (he changed
his name from Weiner to Savage), Mark Levin and etc.
are all about the same. I got to thinking that right wing
radio is very contrived, divisive, inflammatory, too often
factually incorrect, racist, sexist, seditious, childish, and
has no comic relief at all. It’s a tedious and irritating 24/7
propaganda machine. Amazingly, it does seem to have an audience.  Right-wing radio stooges mocked France whenever
possible. Leave France out of it! France fielded combat
troops in the Afghanistan war. They did not field troops
in Iraq, so we disrespect them for having done the right thing?
 Leftwing talk radio stooges like Amy Goodman, Tom
Hartmann, David Pakman, and Stephanie Miller dance all
around the real issues too, and are nothing more or less
than gatekeepers to the basic truth. And the seemingly
incessant on-air pleas for public money support by left-
wing media outlets are somehow more irritating than the
noisy right wing ranting.
The problem is: Zionist Americans with an agenda based
on loyalty to Israel first and foremost. The problem is,
and has always been, the socio-political and economic
subjugation of the United States, and the further
evisceration that is now in progress. The United States is
being used on many levels, not the least of which is
military and economic exploitation.
Accusing anyone of being a “neo-Nazi” is actually a
control tool used by organizations like the Jewish Anti-
Defamation League or the terrorist Jewish Defense
League. They tag you with the “Nazi” word to get you to
shut up, or throw down the Nazi card to make you fear
speaking in the first place. The word Nazi has such
hideous connotations in Zionist controlled nations that
any person not wanting any trouble is very careful not to
be accused of being a Nazi.
Again NAZI is a word invented by the German Jew, Konrad Heiden,to denigrate the Hitler’s Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)that was a minority political party at that.
  So calling every German during World War II a Naziis about as incorrect as calling every American
and every American soldier who had anything to do with
any of our imbecilic wars all Republicans or Democrats(or all elephants or asses).

BTW: Sayanim is a word applied to any Jewish person
living outside of Israel who may be indeed more, or no
less, loyal to the Jewish state than even a Jewish person
living in Israel. These Jewish loyalists living abroad who
are overtly or covertly helpful to the State are called
Sayanim. The Pentagon Wrecking Crew was definitive Sayanim.
 In General Tommy Franks’ memoirs titled, “American
Soldier,” he described Doug Feith as, “the dumbest
fucking guy on the planet.” In his book titled, “Plan of
Attack”, Bob Woodward described Feith as, “the fucking
stupidest guy on the face of the earth.” I can’t add anything to those assessments.See for yourself:
Rabbi Dov Zakheim
In a document published in September of 2000 called,
Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and
Resources for a New Century, Dov Zakheim called for
“some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new
Pearl Harbor” being necessary to foster the frame of
mind needed for the American public to support a war in
the Middle East, a war that would politically and
culturally reshape the region. The document was
prepared by a so-called “think tank” lobbying groupknown as The Project for a New American Century (PNAC).
 You have to wonder what they think about in these think
tanks. Evidently they think about traitorous shenanigans.
A year after this game plan was published; it was carried
out on 9/11.
In his book, “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen
Eighties,” by Senior Israeli Foreign Policy Advisor, Oded
Yinon, he mapped out a 1982 Middle East
reconfiguration strategy for all to see that was the
template used for PNAC’s Middle East strategy. The strategy being the break-down all Arab countries
into manageable units and to make imperial Israel into
THE premier world power. And use the United States
of America as the military and financial hammer to forge
a new Middle East… and a new world order. Eviscerate Iraq first, then Syria and others leaving Iran to be dealt
with last in the Middle East.
Mr. Zakheim is indeed an ordained rabbi. He was born in
Brooklyn, New York in 1948. He graduated from
Columbia University in 1970, and post graduated from
Oxford in ’72. He attended the London School of Jewish
Studies from ‘72 to ’75. From ’75 to ’80 he was an
Adjunct Professor at the National War College, Yeshiva
University, Columbia University and Trinity College in
Hartford, Connecticut. From ’81 to ’85 he served
President Reagan in a variety of senior Department of
Defense posts. He also became a member of the Council
on Foreign Relations during that period. From ’85 to ’87 e was Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Planning.From ’87 to ’97 Zakheim was vice-president of System
Planning Corporation (SPC) that specializes in many
areas of defense technology production and
manufacturing, and was CEO of Flight Termination
System (FTS). FTS developed highly sophisticated
technology that can control several drones from a
remote location on varying frequencies with a range
of several hundred miles. This technology can be used
on many different aircraft, including large military
aircraft. and… passenger jets.
BTW: Israel is presently the leader in world-wide drone
technology, but in May of 2013 they had to ground their
fleet of Heron 1 drones because of the malfunction of a
Heron 1 necessitating its destruction by crashing it into
the Mediterranean. Palestinians have repeatedly accused
Israel of using drones to fire missiles at them; but of
course Israel has not confirmed that.
According to the SPC website, a customer during
Zakheim’s direction was Eglin Air Force Base located in
Florida. Eglin AFB is very near MacDill AFB where
Zakheim contracted to send at least 32 Boeing 767
aircraft as part of the Boeing/Pentagon tanker lease
agreement. The Boeing 767’s were to be modified to
become tankers to replace the aging KC-135 tankers for
air-to-air refueling duty. 

 From January to September of 2000, General
Norton A. Schwartz was assigned to MacDill AFB as
Deputy Commander in Chief of the USAF Special
Operations Command. Gen. Schwartz evidently was
the one who got hold of a few of the Boeing jets for
modification into the drones used on 9/11. In 2004 General Schwartz was
awarded the Jewish Community Center’s MilitaryLeadership Award. He was also the first Jewish Chief of
Staff of the United States Air Force.
After Schwartz finished his role at Special Operations
Command, he became commander of Alaskan Command
(Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command
Region, and 11th Air Force) based at Elmendorf AFB,
Alaska from September 2000 until October 2002.
Schwartz was in command of the war game called
Operation Northern Vigilance that was ongoing on 911
that required the transfer of jet fighters assigned to the
North East Air Defense Sector (NEADS) to the Alaskan Command. The horrors of 911 all occurred in the North
East Air Defense Sector that was then without its normal
compliment of fighter jets.
Dr. Lani Kass was born in Israel and rose to the
rank of Major in the Israeli Air Force. She is married to
Norman Kass who is a former Pentagon Deputy Assistant
Secretary of Defense. In ’92 she was at the Pentagon as
Special Assistant to the Director of Strategic Plans and
Policy under Dick Cheney. She again was working at the
Pentagon in 2000 and 2001; at first under William Cohen
and then under Rumsfeld. Dr. Kass was the top civilian
advisor to General Norman A. Schwartz prior and
during 9/11 and the run-up to the Middle Eastern wars.
 Back to Zakheim… Who was a respected and established
voice in the intelligence community. His views were
eagerly accepted by the Bush administrations’ war
mongers. Zakheim went from his position at SPC to
become Comptroller of the Pentagon on April of 2001.
Coincidently, it was a SPC subsidiary, TridataCorporation, which oversaw the investigation of the
alleged terrorist attack on the WTC in 1993, making
Tridata Corporation privy to limitless information
related the WTC.
As the events of 9/11 occurred, and thereafter, little was
mentioned about these strange connections or the
possible motives and proximity of Dov Zakheim and his group.  Since there was little evidence remaining after the
events of 9/11, investigators were left with only
photographic and anecdotal evidence.
Eyewitness accounts of the WTC Tower hit by Flight 175
claim that a cylindrical object was attached under the
fuselage and there were no windows on the military grey
painted plane. See for yourself:

Over two trillion dollars was unaccounted for and
missing from the Pentagon coffers when Zakheim arrived
and another trillion went missing on his watch. The very day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld, in a Pentagon press
conference on September 10th, 2001, announced that two
trillion dollars was missing and declared his
determination to recover it. See: To this day not a penny of your money has been
recovered and you are personally poorer because of it.
Extremely suspicious is the fact that the finance and
accounting offices on the first floor of the Pentagon were
hit dead center on 9/11 with thirty eight lives lost and all
computers and physical files destroyed. Also the first
plane to hit the WTC North Tower hit the computer room
of Marsh & McLennan, which had recently acquiredJerome Hauers’ Kroll Associates WTC security company.
 I’m thinking that either the alleged commercial passenger
jets were remotely controlled by Zakheims’ FTS
Systems, or those slip shod trained Saudi hijacker pilots
were somehow as good as USAF Thunderbird pilots and
could pinpoint desirable targets at will.
Another Zakheim shenanigan that requires examination
is the LAVI jet fighter rip-off of American taxpayers (lavi
means lion in Hebrew). During Zakheim’s Pentagon
years as Undersecretary of Defense for Planning from
’85 to ’87, the Israeli Air Force intended to spend untold
billions to build their own fighter jet. In fact they actually
built two prototypes that reside in Israeli museums today.
Zakheim figured correctly that he could save Israel those
untold billions by selling them all the American F-16’s
they wanted at a bargain basement clearance price
including all the spare parts they would ever need.
The Israeli LAVI jet project was cancelled
in August of ’87 and as a result of the U.S. sale to Israel
many USAF F-16’s sat useless on flight lines for lack of parts.
 After successfully completing his duties at the Pentagon,
that evidently included acquiring a trillion dollar
operating fund for perpetrating 9/11, destroying all
evidence of all Pentagon misappropriations, modernizing
Israel’s Air Force on the cheap, fanning the flames of war
with Afghanistan, and insuring that a war with Iraq was
in the bag, Rabbi Dov Zakheim quit. The Iraq war started
nine days later.

Two months later after quitting his Pentagon position,
Zakheim took a lucrative job at Booz Allen Hamilton
(BAH). BAH is supposedly a world-class government
strategy-consulting firm. It is presently owned by the
Carlyle Group (co-founded and managed by Jewish
Zionist David Rubinstein) and has U.S. Government
contracts to gather information about your internet
searches and monitors your emails looking for anyone
who may be getting wise to the globalist agenda; and has
nothing to do with intercepting terror plots by the Muslim
enemies of the U.S.
The actual enemy terrorists are our “ally” Israel and the
Jewish-American Sayanim operating here. Jewish Zionist
Ralph W. Schrader is CEO of Booz Allen Hamilton. If you ask me, ISRAEL IS AL QAEDA! Osama Bin
Laden didn’t found Al Qaeda, the Zionist media did.
Recall that Rabbi Dov Zakheim and his son, Roger, were
on Presidential Candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney’s
Presidential Advisory board. Isn’t THAT a shocker?
In June of 2013 the National Security Agency (NSA) was
caught red-handed spying on Americans. The NSA
was/is collecting phone call data by users of service
providers such as Verizon and AT&T. This, of course, is
just the tip of the government spying iceberg and has
nothing to do with “National Security” but has
everything to do with monitoring American awareness of
the globalist agenda and it’s mechanizations.
Jewish Zionist Senator Diane Feinstein, as head of the
Senate Intelligence Committee, had to do a lot of
explaining, or rather bold-face lying, related to the
NSA’s spying on Americans. The brave whistle-blower
who caused the extreme embarrassment to the NSA wasa 29 year old former CIA technical assistant and a Booz
Allen Hamilton employee named Edward Snowden.
Snowden, of course, has been reduced to the status of a
traitorous high-school drop-out and Army boot-camp
washout by the Zionist American media and you were
told that he intended to harm America by compromising
our “national security.” Our national security is in the
hands of Zionist terrorists!
The Jewish Zionist controlled Obama administration has
been ruthless in its prosecution and persecution of
whistle-blowers such as Army Pvt. Bradley Manning,
and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. Edward Snowden felt that
it was his duty to expose the sinister shenanigans of the
NSA and Booz Allen Hamilton because, and I quote, “I
can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to
destroy privacy, internet freedom, and basic liberties
for people around the world with this massive
surveillance machine they’re secretly building.”
If there were more REAL warriors like Snowden,
America would not presently find itself with its ass in a
sling, on a sinking barge, over-populated by dumb swine
whose only interest in geo-politics has been reduced to
who will be the odds-on favorite to win the “Dancing
With The Stars” TV competition.You will even hear any Americans declare,“I’m not interested in politics.”
Well, LIFE IS POLITICS! Get a life!
It’s sufficient to say that Richard Perle is more or less
like the previously mentioned Feith and Wolfowitz.

All of the non-Jewish Americans involved in 9/11 were
only sycophant stooges, lackeys, and gofers subservient
to the Jewish Americans and the Israelis.  Even the President and Vice President were working for the Zionists.Especially the Vice President, Dick Cheney! 

 Cheney and Bush would receive riches beyond belief as
their reward for being servile traitors to America by
being part of the 9/11 operation.
Both Cheney and Bush had total control over which
contractors would be used as support for the military in
the war theaters. They used contractors such as
Halliburton and its sub-division, Brown & Root, to skim
huge profits off of the military contracted services by
providing such things as laundry service at $100 a wash
load and lobster dinners for the troops at outrageous prices. Cheney was CEO of Halliburton prior to the Iraq
war but resigned (not really) to expedite the securing of
all the military contracts without incurring possible
charges of war-profiteering (which is blatantly obvious).
The Bush crime family’s association with Halliburton
goes back to Prescott Bush being a director of Dresser
Industries that was absorbed by Halliburton. The Bush
crime family also profited from owning lots of shares of
the Carlyle Group in a time of war; especially the profits
from the Carlyle sub-division and military contractor
United Defense (now part of BAE Systems: Land and Armaments).
The Carlyle Group was co-founded by Zionist Jew David
Rubenstein who is the CEO and may help to explain how
Israelis and Zionist American Jews presented and sold
the 9/11 plan to traitors like Bush and Cheney whileassuring them that riches beyond belief was waiting them.
I do not accuse the entire population of Israel, nor world-
wide Jewry, for the crimes of 9/11. I do accuse some
Israeli gangsters, some Jewish American gangsters, and
some domestic non-Jewish American gangsters for the
crimes of 9/11. And they all should be executed in public.
The hideous events of 911 and its aftermath will not just
go away… Or will it simply go the way of Pearl Harbor,
JFK’s murder, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and the
U.S.S. Liberty massacre; that is, we know we were
screwed by these events but there is not a goddam thing
to be done about it because America is a Zionist
occupied country and there is not a thing we can do
about THAT, so let’s just all go along to get along!
Let’s all drop our drawers, bend over, stick our heads in
the sand and bear whatever it is that will be stuck up our
collective ass. Perhaps the prevalence of anal sex in
mainstream American pornography is a device to prepare
us for what is and what’s to come…?


As a proud member of Pilots for 911 Truth I have been focusing especially on Flight data

recorder information of Flight 93 and 77 that was released by the NTSB after numerous

Freedom of Information Act requests. The other black boxes were supposedly all destroyed

and dustified on ground zero. Too bad they didn’t wrap these black boxes in one of the

3 hijacker passports that were found. Going through the piles of (self contradicting) data

after quite some years I am again amazed that they got away with this crap in order to

start their fraudulent war on terror that actually increased state sponsored acts of terrorism

to indefinite proportions. The released flight data overwhelmingly confirms the flight

technical and operational impossibilities of the official narrative to the degree that it has

something of a mockery towards pilots that can think for themselves. The flight data

recorder information released by the NTSB does not support the official hypothesis,

moreover it completely contradicts the official narrative presented by the 911 commission

report and is inconsistent with their own released “hard” data. There is overwhelming

evidence which suggests the data that is being provided to the public through the FOIA,

is not from an aircraft which has been operated by American Airlines. Check out the phone

call by Pilotsfor 911Truth to the NTSB confronting them with the barrage of inconsistencies. 

The flight technical and operational impossibilities of the 4 airplanes exceeding their

operational and maneuvering limitations to the extreme while flying at supersonic equivalent

airspeeds in the most advanced and best protected airspace in the world without being

intercepted make the official hypothesis in my view absurd. Even more absurd in the

official hypothesis are the psychological miracles that happened during the attacks.

Take Flight 77 which allegedly crashed into the Pentagon as an example. 

The official story unfolds something like this. Within 3(!) minutes the following plot unfolds:

With his box cutter, the diminutive Hani Hanjour, sometime after take-off, fought his way

into the cockpit, and wrestled control of Flight 77 from a 6’4″ former Marine combat fighter

captain with anti terror training, named Charles Burlingame, a man family members and

colleagues say would never have given up his aircraft or the safety of his passengers.

After dealing with the co-pilot as well and discharging both pilots to the back of the airplane,

clumsy Hani Hanjour settled in and turned his attention to the bewildering array of gadgets

and devices of a Boeing 757 instrument panel – a panel he was wholly unfamiliar with – in

an airplane traveling 500 mph, 7 miles in the air, while under the extreme stress of a recently

executed hijacking plot. Then, miraculously and without the help of any ground control or

air-traffic controllers providing him any information and/or settings, this pilot who could not

control a tiny Cessna 3 weeks earlier applied his genius and advanced situational and

positional awareness and instantly interpreted his heading, ground track, altitude, and

airspeed information on the displays before he could even figure out where in the world

he was, much less where the Pentagon was located in relation to his position.”

Again, all this happened within 3 minutes according the official story. 

From the Ohio/Kentucky border, Hanjour then supposedly turned the plane around,

set course for Washington D.C. hundreds of miles away, and successfully entered

the most restricted airspace in the world without eliciting a single military intercept –

despite the crash of two other known hijacked aircraft into the WTC, and a missing

third, being covered on every radio and television station in the world. In order to

perform this bit of electronic navigation, he would have to be very familiar with

(Instrument Flight Rules) procedures. None of the alleged hijackers even knew what

a navigational chart looked like, or even how to plug frequencies into NAV/COM

radios, much less input information into flight management computers (FMC) and

engage LNAV (lateral navigation automated mode). If one is to believe the officia

l story, all of this was supposedly accomplished by raw student pilots while flying

blind with 500 MPH over unfamiliar (and practically invisible) terrain, using complex

methodologies and employing sophisticated instruments.”

The official story of Hanjour’s flight path continues in an even more bizarre narrative.

Having successfully entered D.C. prohibited airspace which was on high alert, with no

idea how soon fighter aircraft would show up to shoot him down, he finds himself pointed

in the ideal direction toward the East wing of the Pentagon, where all the top brass in

the military are known to be stationed. But then he apparently changes his mind as to

his heading, and pulls off that incredible, sweeping 270-degree descending turn at

400+mph to approach the Pentagon from the opposite direction. Once this maneuver

was completed, without going into a graveyard spiral, he started to pull out of the descent

at 2200 feet and accelerated 30 knots more at full power to 460 knots thereby exceeding

the B757 maximum operating speed Vmo by 110 knots. Hani Hanjour at the control of

the Boeing 757, who could not control a Cessna 172 during landing just 3 weeks before,

crossed the highways, knocking down light poles, came level over the lawn which required

up to 11G (Max positive G force for the B757 is 2,5G) While entering and overcoming

ground effect at 460 Knots, he didn’t touch the lawn and got a 44 foot high target

(Tail height of 757) into a 77 foot target completely, without overshooting or bouncing off

the lawn, or spreading any wreckage at 460 knots. All this with a 33-foot margin for error.

Wow, impressive.                                          

                                                                                …Willem Felderhof

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