How the Dirty Doctors of the CIA Use Our Endocrine Hormones in Mind Control

For Example These Hormones Affect Us in Specific Ways to Make Us Fall in Love With and Bond to Someone:

Attraction – Dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin

Lust – Testosterone and Oestrogen

Lust hormones are useful for programmers/handlers to give to sex slaves to get them to perform.

Attachment – Oxytocin and Vasopressin

Oxytocin | Psychology › basics › oxytocin

Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. … from mother-infant bonding and romantic connection to group-related attitudes and …

Comment: This drug is used to bond Mind Controllled Slaves to their masters in CIA Mind Control Projects. They call it the LOVE Potion. CIA works for the Zionist Empire and is heavily involved in using hundreds of drugs and our OWN HORMONES such as Oxytocin, ADRENOCHROME, Growth Hormone and others in Mind Control.

“Angie gave it to me after her mother gave it to me and said it was a powerful love potion”

The extreme education and training of pediatric endocrinologists follows:

Pediatric endocrinologists need an extremely high level of education. 

The first step is to complete an undergraduate degree program that can provide you with the eligibility requirements necessary to enroll in medical school. While there is no one standard undergraduate degree program for aspiring physicians, you could complete a pre-med program or select a major that offers education in biological sciences, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

In medical school, you’ll receive extensive training in human anatomy, physiology, medical practices and ethics. You can take some elective or extracurricular courses in pediatrics or endocrinology, though medical school education is primarily designed to provide you with basic knowledge and skills training.

How Much Training Would I Need After Medical School?

You’ll need to complete at least a 1-year internship before pursuing specialized residencies in pediatrics and endocrinology, which could take an additional 2-6 years. Some hospitals offer a combined residency program, though you might need to participate in both pediatric and endocrinology residencies separately. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) endorses residency training programs, including pediatric and endocrinology programs. Fellowship programs at hospitals and universities more commonly combine the two disciplines.

What Kind of Credential Would I Need?

To earn a license, you’ll need to take the United States Medical Licensing Exam or the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Exam, depending on the type of medical degree you earned. This is necessary to become a practicing physician. You might need to take additional state-administered exams as well. Additionally, you could pursue board certification in pediatric endocrinology. Though board certification isn’t required, the American Board of Medical Specialties, which is affiliated with the ACGME, offers a credential specific to this field.

Comment: Pediatric Endocrinologist would need 4 year Undergraduate Degree, 4 Years of Medical School, 1 Year of Internship, 3 Years of Residency in Pediatrics (Average) and 3 Years of Residency in Endocrinology. Top Endocrinologists are used in CIA MKUltra projects at top universities & hospitals.

CIA torture report: The doctors who were the unlikely … it has been revealed that two doctors, identified by the pseudonyms Dr Grayson Swigert and Dr Hammond Dunbar, were paid $81 million by the CIA to help develop and implement a seven-year

Comment: Paid $81 MILLION to Devise inhumane, Degrading torture programs. Why are they allowed to keep their licenses? CIA Doctors and Military Colonels are involved in torturing Mind Controlled Slaves to Dissociate them at a young age. All these “experiments” and Projects are HIGHLY classified and the CIA DESTROYED all the records to hide their crimes. The CIA works for the Sadistic, Satanic British Empire ( A bunch of ZIONISTS and their enablers) not YOU.

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