CIA Criminal Shadow Gov’t Whistleblower is Ex-Officer of CIA & Sacrificed His Pension to Whistleblow-Meet Kevin Shipp


Concealed Documents

The Document the CIA Feared

Official Grievance of the Poisoning of the Shipp Family and the Cover Up

This grievance was filed according to CIA regulations.

It was submitted via the internal official CIA cable system.

It was sent via internal CIA restricted mail to the subject of the grievance.

The CIA Office of Inspector General was notified.

All CIA regulations and restrictions were followed.

I wrote the grievance as an unclassified document deleting all names of the persons involved, the location of the site, and any information that could be considered classified. I was a trained classifying authority.

I added the names of the persons involved on the internal CIA computer system, classified the document accordingly and sent it to the CIA grievance office via internal official channels.

I retained a copy of the unclassified version in my personal records.

Just after the grievance was filed, the CIA executive assistant was caught going through my personal papers in my office attempting to remove personal documents and a memorandum she wrote documenting the illness of her daughter from toxic contamination.

After the grievance was filed via the internal CIA cable system, I was called to the office of the Chief of the facility to be introduced to my new senior division chief. It was the CIA officer rebuked by the Department of State IG for covering up my report on the vulnerability of our agents overseas to identification and assassination. The CIA was publicly rebuked for putting the lives of its agents overseas at risk and a report was published to the Intelligence Community embarrassing the CIA.

After several months, the grievance was not answered. I called the office responsible and was told the grievance was never received.

I was never contacted by the grievance office or the subject of the grievance again.

On a trip to CIA headquarters for an unrelated meeting, I went to the office responsible for tracking all CIA internal cable traffic.  I had the clearance to do so. I located the officer responsible for tracking CIA cables and requested he search for the grievance cable. I stood next to him as he searched the system. “This is incredible, I have never seen this before,” he exclaimed. “See what?” I asked. He advised the grievance had disappeared from the official system. “It is gone,” he exclaimed. “Can it be relocated?” I asked.  “No, it is gone forever.”  I left him sitting stunned in front of the computer.

By regulation, the grievance was sent to the CIA Officer of General Counsel OGC) and the CIA Office of Security (OS).

After several calls not being returned, my attorney was able to arrange a meeting with the CIA/OIG.

The meeting was arranged in a padded, “meeting room” in CIA headquarters.

The senior OGC officer entered the room. When questioned about the grievance he claimed the OGC knew nothing about the grievance. I pressed him, telling him he knew darn well the OGC had a copy. He left the room claiming he would look for it. Thirty minutes later, a different OGC officer entered the room and claimed they could not find the grievance. I stood up, advising her if she did not go and recover the grievance I would go into their office and find it myself. She returned a half an hour later claiming, “We found the grievance.” She presented a one-page document, hand written in blue ink, forged as if it was my grievance.  You can see below the grievance was several pages writing on a computer. I told her the grievance was a forgery and, announcing the meeting was over, we left the OGC office.  As we were walking down the hallway, two OGC officers emerged from the door yelling, “You can’t do this! You can’t leave!”  “No one treats my client like this,” my attorney calmly stated and we left the building.

After the CIA refused to abide by the legal settlement agreement, based on evidence including the grievance, the CIA sealed the case including the grievance.  What was the CIA so afraid of?  The public finding out the dark activities of the base?​

A senior member of the CIA OIG later advised me, at a senior private corporate managers off-site, that the OIG was terrified my story would become public and assisted the OGC, OS and the CIA manager in charge of the classified base in attacking and attempting to silence me.​

As you can see, nothing in this grievance is classified, nothing is a source or method and no identities are revealed. This is why the CIA had to seal the evidence.

Below is the original unclassified copy of the grievance the CIA attempted to cover up.  (Not visible in mobile view.)

Letter to the Intelligence Committee

The actual memo where the CIA threatens to use the state secrets privilege (“evidentiary privilege”) to seal the evidence if our family does not accept a fraction of the signed settlement agreement.  Use of the state secrets privilege to cover negligence, cover up and reduce the settlement amount is illegal. The DOJ was complicit with, “the client agency.”  This has NOTHING to do with national security. Use of the privilege was concealed from the public record. (Not visible in mobile view.)

Federal judge orders the CIA to a mediated settlement. Mediation was handled by a former federal judge. The CIA used the state secrets privilege to deny this order.

Mechanics of a CIA Cover Up

The decontamination company, Serve Pro, via their representative Kathryn L., advised our family the house was contaminated, our family must evacuate, and all our personal possessions must be burned. Kathryn L. claimed that when she entered the house, her tongue swelled up and she could not breath.

As our family watched, Serve Pro, wearing decontamination clothing (see pictures on boxed and taped all our personal possessions, including our children’s toys, stuffed animals, family pictures, videos and all our baby pictures, for incineration.

One week later, I received a call from Serve Pro representative Kathryn L. advising she had been given, “an offer she could not refuse,” from the CIA company in charge of the site that blocked my environmental test, Raba Kistner, which eventually performed an, “environmental test,” with the indoor doors and windows open.  I secretly had a well known environmental company, Daybreak Environmental, examine the contamination in the house, proving  Raba Kistner’s test was false. The president of Day Break Environmental was shot in the head, execution style, months after this report. The news reports can be found at They have been purged from the Internet. 

My wife, Lorena Shipp, had brought priceless heirlooms from her grandmother, Nellie B., given to us at our wedding, to the house on the covert site.  Serve Pro, agreed to put these priceless items in their decontamination warehouse to save them.

Chris M. ordered my wife, Lorena Shipp, and me to his office following the CIA’s receipt of my evidence proving our house was contaminated, either by the black mold in the walls or mustard gas shells percolating up through the yard.  Chris M. ordered us to use my government credit card for evacuation expenses.

My wife and I demanded Chris M. put the order to use the government credit card in writing.  He refused.

As we evacuated to a hotel in Manassass, VA., Serve Pro called us and advised that if we did not pay them $15,000.00 dollars within 24 hours, they would put my wife’s heirlooms at the curb (CIA influence).

I charged the $15,000.00 on the credit card Chris M. ordered us to use.  Serve Pro then released the priceless furniture for us to move to Virginia.

As the federal judge ordered the CIA to a court ordered mediated settlement, the CIA, via George Tenet’s chosen Executive Director, (a wealthy Wall Street executive), accused me of abusing a government credit card, and threatened me with termination.

Realizing the set up, I immediately paid off the credit card with my own funds.  Tenet’s Executive Director continued to threaten me with termination for using the credit card the CIA had ordered me to use – as part of the operation to silence me, at Tenet’s request. 

The intelligence Committees, if they are independent (which is doubtful), can be provided the names of all the individuals involved,  including multiple witnesses to all these events.

What the CIA does not want the public to see:
Legal suite against against the CIA

Attorney reported CIA criminal activity to the FBI – CIA blocked the contact
(CIA stonewalled attorney’s request for a secure safe, the CIA demanded he use.  CIA intentionally delayed our family doctor’s clearance and blocked my retirement funds (a felony), to ruin us financially)

Late one night, I lay in bed exhausted, drained from the battle with the CIA. I felt I could not go on. I had no strength left. I decided the Lord had forsaken me, and I was going to drop my faith.

In one last attempt, I raised my right hand to the Lord and prayed, “Lord, please help me, I have no strength left, I cannot do this anymore.”  I kept my right hand up until I fell asleep.

The next morning, I got up, already resigned to the fact that I was going to drop my faith. I decided to open my Bible one last time. I opened to Isaiah 41: 10-13. The words jumped off the page.

“Fear thou not; for I Am with thee: be not dismayed for I AM thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish.

Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought.

For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”

Isaiah 41: 10 – 13

Three months later, George Tenet, Director of the CIA, resigned in shame. It was George Tenet who attacked our family and used the state secrets privilege to seal my evidence.  I saved the frontpage story of Tenet’s resignation and placed it in a frame, never to doubt my faith again.

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