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Israel Needs to Grant Blacks Equal Status

Maisie Shaw started this petition to Israel Knesset and Satanyahu

Give Black Jewish Equal Rights to Housing, Jobs, etc as other Jews.  Do not kick Black Refugees Out of Your Country to a certain Death.  Israel is violating the human rights of Africa refugees coming to Israel for Sanctuary.

Israel Must Commit to MULTICULTURALITY and commit to making a percentage of Israel Arab and African like the rest of us.


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  1. 1 week ago1,500 supporters
  2. The First Goal Has Been ReachedThank you to all the signers!…Maisie Shaw3 weeks ago
  3. 3 weeks ago100 supporters
  4. 3 weeks agoMaisie Shaw started this petition

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Mind Control is 100% Satanic!

Maisie Shaw·3 weeks agoIt’s the only right thing to do. Social Justice!

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Maisie Shaw·1 week agoSharing is Caring!

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