Be the Change You Want to See in the World? Call Your Senator Today! 202-609-9041

Hello Activists!

Since the beginning of this pandemic, you’ve helped keep up momentum in the fight to guarantee water access for all. Thank you for taking action to stop water shutoffs! 

The more we continue to pressure our members of Congress, the more they will listen. Now with the Senate back in session, we’re making sure they hear from us again. We’re having a national call-in day TODAY to demand that senators step up to protect people across the country from utility shutoffs and help guarantee water for all.

Congress will be voting on the next COVID relief bill in the coming weeks, and we must make sure it includes the utility shutoff moratorium and other aid from the HEROES Act (the stimulus bill passed by the House in May).

Will you join us in our day of action by making one quick call? Call 202-609-9041 and urge your senators to include a national moratorium on utility shutoffs in the next COVID relief bill!

Making a call is simple, but it has a big impact — especially when we all come together on the same day to put pressure on Congress.

Call your senator today. Here’s how:1. Dial 202-609-9041

2. Tell your senator’s office:

“As a constituent, I urge you to tell Congressional leadership to pass a national utility shutoff moratorium in the next COVID relief bill.”
The House already passed a national moratorium on water shutoffs with $1.5 billion for low-income water aid as part of its latest stimulus bill. While the bill is imperfect, the water service elements are important and necessary. 
Now we need to make sure the Senate version of the stimulus bill guarantees water for all, especially as utilities continue to shut off water service for many despite the threat to public health. 

Call your senator at 202-609-9041 now and demand a national moratorium on utility shutoffs.

Thanks for joining our day of action,

Rianna Eckel
Senior Maryland Organizer
Food & Water Action and Food & Water Watch

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