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This is a very important interview with a doctor who is on the frontline.

Dr. Kyle Varner works in Washington State, where the virus has been spiraling out of control.

In the video above, Dr. Varner reveals what it’s like right now inside Washington State hospitals.

He explains the growing problem of rationed care.

And how because of what the government has been doing, 

Many more people will get the virus and many more will not be able to receive proper treatment for it.

Dr. Varner also explains why herd immunity doesn’t work. 

And how it would result in huge numbers of people getting sick and even young people dying.

Plus, he exposes how the CDC and FDA have been screwing over Americans,

Intentionally making it difficult to get testing.

Additionally, we cover many other topics related to the virus and your health.

Watch til the end to find out if Dr. Varner is optimistic or pessimistic about the whole situation.
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