Two AIPAC Attendees Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Comment: Then Maybe our Future will be America first not Israel First. Feature picture is of actual Talmudic belief system which coincides with ZIONIST belief system. IMAO anti-American belief system.

infostormer – March 6, 2020 2

lol check out this tweet from everyone’s favorite Israeli lobbying group.

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Two people who attended the AIPAC conference have tested positive for the coronavirus. This means they may have infected many Jews, Zionists and Israel First traitors.

Reportedly 2/3rds of Congress attended and all of these people support Israel over the interests of the American people.

Ryan Grim @ryangrim

AIPAC confirms that two conference attendees have now tested positive for coronavirus. I reported 2 days ago this was likely. There were 18,000 people there, including 2/3rds of Congress. On Tuesday, thousands of conference goers visited Hill offices. … AIPAC

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This is truly hilarious.

I sincerely hope that everyone who attended this conference catches the coronavirus and dies from it.

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