Thomas Massie is Practically Our ONLY Friend in Congress-Stick in the Wheel Massie is the BEST!!!

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The Dow Crashed nearly 1,000 points after the largest stimulus bill in human history passed in the US. The relief bill provided a veil of secrecy to the Fed and funneled taxpayer money to the Fed to dole out as they see fit. The question should be asked why didn’t anyone stand up against this bill. Well, there was one man who attempted to make sure everyone went on record voting for this bill but he was denied. There were also calls by Trump to remove Thomas Massie and lies spread that He was attempting to stand in the way of you and your checks. This is simply not true and the reason something must be said is that Thomas Massie is one of the only friends you have in DC. He is also the one who has been submitting and resubmitting the Audit the fed bill for years now. We also examine the historic stock market crashes throughout history as this bounce was described as the new bull market and the fastest return to a bull market in history. History suggests that is far from assured and the fact the stock market crash continued after the largest stimulus bill in history suggests we haven’t even seen the beginning of what will become the greatest depression.klownyfrownyThe govt is criminal and traitors to the constitution.

Thomas Massie@RepThomasMassie

The $6 trillion stimulus divided by 100 million families is $60,000 per family, but even families that qualify won’t average $3000 each in payments. Where is all the other money going? The $1200 checks are cheese in the mouse trap. Thank you @cvpayne for having me on today.1891251

The $1200 checks are cheese in the mouse trap.

Thank you @cvpayne for having me on today.2:441.3K views3:41 PM · Mar 30, 2020·

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