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Edward Gibbon (1737-1794), From: “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”

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COVID-19:  Killer Virus — or Secret Military Operation ?
 by Mike King

Seriously now. Be honest. And stop worrying so much that people might think you are a “conspiracy theorist.”

Do you not find it strange how a virus which has infected and killed far less people than the annual strains of flu and cold viruses has been used to shut down so much of the world, herd people into a state of panic-stricken toilet-paper-hoarding madness and, in essence, usher in a form of martial law all across the United State and many other countries? As of the time of this posting (March 22, 2020) — 30 American states have activated their National Guard units. There is even talk of deploying regular military personnel to cities like New York and Los Angeles. What are these soldiers going to do? Shoot the virus cells?

Now, don’t misunderstand. No one here is denying that there is such a thing as the “coronavirus,” or that people (mostly elderly or sick) have died from its complications. The scam here is in regard to the overblown hype and now, military deployment, over something which is no “deadlier” than the flu. Think about it. How many of you actually know someone, or know of someone, who has died from COVID-19? Did you know that more Americans have choked to death during meals over the past month — or any other past month — than have died of this “pandemic?”(here) (cue up the sound of crickets).

Even in the aging nation of Italy (supposedly the “hardest hit” country) — the numbers aren’t as bad as the average annual flu death tolls. It’s true!

So, what is this strange event really all about? Who are all these soldiers — soon to be deployed on U.S. and European soil — really going to fight? Well, it’s a long story — one that requires a bit of reading and thinking to fully understand “the big picture” — and one which, although we do lend much credence to, still can’t accept with 100% certainty. But it’s a really good story which The Real History Channel and many other fine researchers / bloggers can guide you to understanding if you are curious enough. But for purposes of this introduction to “The Plan,” let’s keep this chronological presentation simple and concise — yet just comprehensive enough to show you that the historic and surreal event now unfolding across America and the world may not really be about fighting some relatively harmless flu bug.

1 . Excuse me, friend. But do you — or do any of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers et al — even know of anyone who has actually contracted, let alone died, of this disease??? //  2. The National Guard is being activated all across the United States. Why??? The REAL reason might surprise you! // 3. The Army and Navy are also on standby now.


The handsome and charismatic son of John F. Kennedy was planning to run for the U.S. Senate from New York. John Jr — aka John-John — would have won easily and also positioned himself for a future run for the presidency. The “Deep State” Globalist network that had ordered the assassination of his father in 1963 and his Uncle Robert in 1968 obviously could not allow this to happen. In addition, that New York seat was reserved for then-First Lady Hillary Clinton to take in 2000.

The Clintons and their handlers murdered JFK Jr, his wife and her sister by taking his small plane down. The Fake News then blamed Kennedy for flying carelessly. JFK Jr. was a friend of Donald Trump — and many believe that this event was critical in motivating Trump to run for president one day. Trump actually ran for the nomination of Ross Perot’s old “Reform Party” the following year, in 2000, but lost.

1. JFK Jr. was destined to win the New York Senate seat that First Lady Hillary wanted. // 2. The evil witch needed him dead. // 3. Will Trump avenge the murder of his friend?


The day after the historic terror attacks in New York and Washington, DC, Trump — who happens to know a thing or two about building skyscrapers — stated on a live television interview that he believed that bombs had to have been pre-planted in the World Trade Center. This obviously suggests that criminal elements within the world-conquering Deep State — needing an excuse to wage perpetual war on “enemy” nations — were the true architects and perpetrators of the attack.

In later years, and even as President, Trump has continued to drop hints that the 9/11 attacks were not what the Fake News represented to the people (here). This tragedy also fueled Trump’s desire to win the White House and expose the unimaginable evil that has infested America’s highest places and — by extension — the whole world.

1. Trump: “How could a plane, even a 767 or 747 or whatever it might have been; how could it possibly go through that steel? I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bombs – bombs that exploded simultaneously.”  // 2. “Jet fuel” fire my ass! The towers were blown up into dust and aerosol with planted explosives and other exotic weapons so that the Deep State would have a pretext for perpetual war in the Middle East, Central Asia, and even Africa. Come on, dear reader — just look closely at those EXPLOSIVE images. Isn’t it obvious?

The Deep State / Globalist plan to bring about World War III against Russia and China (the Globalist Mafia was also behind WW 1 & 2, by the way), destroy America from within, and ultimately usher in a “One-World” system with open borders, forced depopulation, and global taxes on CO2seemed unstoppable. After 28 years of CIA- planted presidents (Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama) — Hillary Clinton was poised to easily win the 2016 election and then unleash hell-on-Earth. But the “White Hats” of U.S. Military Intelligence had other ideas.

With the military protecting the Trump family as well as the integrity of the elections, the Deep State and the Fake News suffered an unbelievable setback which they never thought was possible. Trump, after destroying Deep Stater Jeb Bush and then saying, on several occasions, that Hillary should be in jail for her corruption, would go on to become the 45th President of the United States. He has since been the subject of NON-STOP attacks from the Globalist-owned Fake News. Trump was able to withstand the vicious attacks mainly because the Internet could counter the Fake News. Remember now, the miracle of information technology we call the Internet was brought to us not too long ago (1990’s) by the military — and used ever since to bypass the Fake News.

1. Trump knows of Hillary’s horrible crimes — and, during one the 2016 debates, promised to put her in jail. // 2. During his Inauguration Address, the new President sent a message to the Deep State by having military quietly come up on stage, and then quietly leave. A quiet military coup to save America was now inevitable.


Robert Mueller — the man appointed to “investigate” Trump for “Russian Collusion” — was actually working with Trump and the military White Hats. Indeed, Mueller himself was n ex-Marine officer. The Mueller investigation was actually a clever cover for the flurry of investigations and secret indictments into Hillary and the Deep State going on behind the scenes.

While the Deep State and Fake News were diverted and distracted, Trump and the Patriots were preparing — using legal means — a massive purge of the evil Mafia which has, for many decades, controlled politics, education, business and Hollywood. The reason why Trump so frequently referred to the Mueller investigation as a “Witch Hunt” is because it was really Hillary Clinton — an actual witch who dabbles in Satanic Occultism — that was being hunted.

1. By design, the Trump-Mueller circus  (which Trump REPEATEDLY referred to as a “Witch Hunt”) — was used to conceal the secret investigations into Hillary and thousands of other powerful and elite criminals. //   2. The plan is to arrest and try 1000’s of elite criminals — but the effort had to be done cautiously and secretly because the Deep State is very powerful.

Trump — like his partner Q Anon — often tweets and speaks in coded-language — sometimes using deliberate misspellings which the Deep State late-night comedians ,who mock his spelling errors, are oblivious too.


While posing for pictures as he is surrounded by top military brass and their wives at the White House, Trump teases the reporters with a cryptic remark:

Trump: “Do you guys know what this represents?

Reporter #1: Tell us sir.

Trump: Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.

Reporter #2: What’s the storm?

Trump: It could be the calm — the calm before the storm.

Reporter 3: On Iran? On ISIS? Or what? What’s the storm?

Trump: We have the world’s great military people in this room .. this evening.

Reporter #3 (again): What storm Mr. President?

Trump: You’ll find out.

(video here)

The Deep State New York Times (among many other media giants) was so intrigued by Trump’s bizarre comments about a coming “Storm” that they ran a story the following day, headlined: “What Did President Trump Mean by ‘Calm Before the Storm?” (here)

The following day, a White House reporter again pressed him for an answer. Headline: CNN:

Trump Winks When Asked About His Mysterious Calm Before the Storm Comment

“You’ll find out,” Trump said after his wink. We’ll see.” (here)

“What ‘storm,’ Mr. President?” — Trump knew something about a coming military “storm” that the Fake News did not — which is why he winked. But what is it that we were all supposed to “find out?”

The fast-growing phenomenon that is Q-Anon has been widely ridiculed and attacked by all “mainstream” forms of the Fake News as a “baseless conspiracy theory.” In a February 9, 2020 attack, The New York Times lamented:

“What Happens When Q-Anon Seeps From the Web to the Offline World?”(here)

The very next day, Fake News CBS News also attacked Q Anon — headline:

“Q Anon Conspiracy Theory Spreads to Political Main Stage” (here)

And hundreds more hit-pieces like those from every “mainstream” media outlet you can think of in the U.S. and Europe.  My my my — for such a “baseless conspiracy theory,” the Fake News sure does seem worried about Q Anon!

It all began with an October 2017 post on an anonymous Internet forum (4 Chan) under a sub-forum titled, “The Storm” (Trump’s reference from 3 weeks earlier!)made by someone who came to be known by the handle “Q”. The poster  claims to represent high-level military intelligence, with access to highly classified information involving the Trump administration and its secret war against its enemies in the International Conspiracy of “The New World Order” — such as The Rothschild Family and George Soros.

The numerous posts, (almost 4,000 to date) known as “crumbs,” predict, in surprisingly accurate detail, how Trump and his military patriots — fed up with seeing a government of and owned by traitors — are going to gradually dismantle the massive worldwide conspiracy of the Deep State. The crumbs also accuse numerous Hollywood actors, politicians, and high-ranking officials (especially, but not exclusively, Democrats) of engaging in international child sex-trafficking, child torture and child murder rings.

Q’s cryptic posts are numerous and require hours of study, research and deductive logic to make complete sense of. Consider the accurate bullet point summary set forth below as a good “crash course” of what Qwho, by the way, has been proven to definitely be working with Trump (who himself sometimes posts on the forum as “Q +”) has posted. For a more thorough analysis, research the many Q-posts on your own at various sites which repost them online — like

1. The Q-Storm is REAL — and it is about to strike! // 2. CNN reporter shows up at a Trump rally to mock Q Anon believers. But soon, the joke will be on CNN Fake News! // 3. According to Q-Anon, powerful people such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were involved in the lucrative business of child-sex trafficking. The elite pervert child-rape networks will be smashed when “The Storm” hits.
• The Globalist Mafia / Illuminati / N.W.O. crime syndicate never expected their Golden Girl Hillary to lose.

• The Storm is actually a patriotic military coup which recruited Trump to lead the political and legal aspects of what is to be the great “sting” operation.

• The Military’s NSA (National Security Agency) has gathered all of the electronic evidence need to take down the Global Mafia and the child-sex rings.

• The evidence needed to be “cleaned” — that is, slowly introduced under the cover of other investigations so that it can be used legally.

• The Storm is a slow-motion process — not an “overnight” event. Many Federal Judges had to first be appointed. Many corrupt actors in the Republican Party, Corporate America, the FBI, CIA & DOJ criminals had to first be forced out (plea deals, in essence) and replaced with patriots. It is very important not to shock the public all at once.

• The resignations and firings of so many big men, many of them child rapists, in media, Hollywood, business and politics is by design of the patriots.

• Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered under orders of Obama.

• Smaller criminals are being used to rat-out the bigger ones.

• The Black Hats have conspired with certain foreign “allies” to assassinate Trump. Several attempts have been thwarted.
• John McCain faked cancer in a failed attempt to escape justice. He was later secretly executed by the military for high treason.

* Trump has played the game of “keeping his enemies close” — pretending to be friendly with certain Deep Staters while plotting to bring them and their handlers down.

* Massive Democrat voter-fraud using illegal aliens and dead people will be exposed.

• The state government of California has started wildfires in order to get more federal money.

* “Foreign Aid” is a scam to enrich foreign leaders — and much of the money has been kicked-back to the Clinton Foundation as well as family members of powerful politicians such as John McCain, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry

Arab “terrorist” groups are funded and controlled by the Deep State in order to carry out certain objectives.

• Over 100,000 sealed indictments — many of them big names — will eventually be unsealed.

• The elite criminals of government, media, Hollywood, Corporate America and academia — many of them Satan-worshipers — will be tried by military tribunals and incarcerated at the U.S.’s Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

• During “The Storm” (which is to strike criminals worldwide) Trump will use emergency cell-phone alerts to bypass the media and communicate directly to the American people.

• Black voters will abandon the Democrat Party when they learn of Hillary’s kidnapping and sex-trafficking of Haitian children.

• Other “good guy” world leaders — such as Putin of Russia and Xi of China — are secretly working with Trump to smash the Globalists once and for all.

• The shocking truth about the 9/11 attacks will be revealed, in due time.

* Outlets of the Fake News worldwide receive reporting instructions, each morning, from elite criminals in the CIA

• The Israel-Palestine issue will be settled peacefully once and for all. There will be no more Israeli aggression or expansion.

* The massive Jeffrey Epstein child-sex / blackmail operation was run by criminal elements of the Israeli Mossad in collaboration with the CIA.

And there’s much, much more. All of Q’s updates as well as past posts (some of which would be difficult to understand for beginners) can be seen at

1. Talk Show host Bill Maher is a suspected child sex monster outed by Q Anon. Not surprisingly, he did a lengthy segment on his show mocking Q and its followers. // 2. Traitorous European Union leaders like Angela Merkel are also part of the Globalist crime network being targeted for removal by Trump and the patriots. // 3. Jeffrey Epstein was an agent of the Israeli Mossad who used his child sex island to lure powerful people there so he could film and blackmail them. Q-Anon foretold of the Trump administration taking him out and arresting all of his powerful friends. Elites linked to Epstein’s and/or his Perverted Island with the Satanic Temple include Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, Bill Clinton, George Stephanopulus, Katie Couric, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Bill Richardson, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew and many more.)

Adding credence to the Q-Anon phenomenon are the vicious mainstream-media attacks aimed at Q, as well as the indisputable fact that Trump himself, on MANY occasions, both by tweets and in person, has deliberately provided Q-followers with clear hints that he and Q-Anon are part of the same effort to save the world. You must admit, does it not seem that Trump, all along, has been blessed and backed-up by some invisible force that is very powerful?

Now, here’s the kicker, and the images below confirm it: According to Q-Anon posts from 2018-2019 (FYI — Q will often post in the present tense to foretell of a future event) — when the time for the roundup of elite criminals is right ….

The military and National Guard would be tasked with carrying out the mass arrests of elite traitors, crooks and child abusers. But first, a national “scare” would be “a necessary event” so that a presidential emergency could be declared and escape routes shut down. The diverted public would eventually be informed via cell-phone alerts, after the operation is completed.

The “scare” is the coronavirus — and the mass hysteria actually started out as part of the desperate Deep State plot to crash the world economy in an election year; and then have the Fake News hype the death toll and blame Trump for “mishandling” the pandemic. In November of 2019, just weeks before the first case of COVID-19 appeared in China, Bill Gates — a Deep State Globalist if there ever was one (here) (who was recently forced to resign and may be under house arrest) was featured as an “expert” in a Netflix documentary warning about a  “pandemic” coming out of China. An excerpt from Netflix’s “Pandemic” (not Gates speaking):

November 7, 2019

“This is a wet market in the Lianghua, China. Unlike markets in much of the West, where animals are already dead when they arrive, this wet market sells meat that’s very fresh. It’s killed on sight. That’s what makes it a disease factory. … All the while, their viruses are mixing and mutating, increasing the odds that one finds its way to humans.” (here)

You see? The evil bastards knew in advance — and by January, 2020, they were already writing aboutusing a virus crisis to attack Trump. (here)

But the NSA White Hats — who have the ability to monitor all phone calls and E-mails —  knew of their evil scheme several years in advance and have flipped the script on them. Can you say “boomerang?” Trump is now more powerful than ever! And with that dictatorial “emergency” power, Trump also intends to end the corrupt Central Bank / Federal Reserve debt-money system and force American CEO’s to bring good-paying manufacturing jobs back from China (which is why he keeps calling it “the China Virus”). Both the dictatorship and the economic distress / personal inconvenience will be temporary.

You see, the military deployment against the Deep State is “The Storm” which Trump teased the media about. Get it? Sound crazy? Maybe it is. But can you come up with a better explanation as to why we now find ourselves suddenly under martial law amidst a growing military deployment — supposedly over some virus no worse than a friggin’ common cold? Because I sure as heck can’t.

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Q Post from 2018:  “We are at WAR” —- The “SCARE” will be a “Necessary Event” — “Trust the US Military” — “Patriots Day” (April 19) and “Not Everything Will Be Clean.”

Q always said: Future proves past — The 2017 post above refers to today’s events. NG = National Guard…. But first “conditions need to be satisfied.” (for a national emergency)


1. Q Anon, February 25, 2020: “The Silent War continues” // 2. Trump tweet from March 17, 2020: “We are “at war with a hidden enemy” — and it is NOT the “coronavirus” — it’s the Deep State.

POLITICO Magazine: “Trump Labels Himself a “Wartime President” —   Trump: “I look at it, I view it as, in a sense, a wartime president. I mean, that’s what we’re fighting.“

1. “NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING” —  is a phrase that Q Anon had posted ten different times over the past two years. (Note the date — April 24, 2019) /// 2. Just before this “crisis” kicked-in to high gear in March, 2020 — both Trump himself and Q Anon posted the above violin image, with that term: There is ZERO doubt now that Trump (“The Maestro”) and Q Anon are part of the same effort.

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