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The Plot to”Herbert Hooverize” Donald Trump
 by Mike King

An “Almost-Daily”  Daily Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times

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NY Times Headlines:* Trump’s Easter Back-To-Business Goal ‘Catastrophic’* Trump Says Reopen by Easter, Corporate America Says Not So Fast* Coronavirus Advancing. All Americans Need to Shelter in Place.* Dollar Signs Versus Vital Signs* Trump Wants U.S. ‘Opened Up’ by Easter, Despite Health Officials’ Warn


In this tactical tug-of-war over whose script will be chosen for the final act of Coronavirus: The Movie — we have, on one side, Trump and the patriots proposing the “happy ending” version of re-opening businesses and resuming the counter-attack on the Deep State by Easter Weekend (April 10 -12)  — and, in the other camp, there are the undefeated and still-mighty Globalists whose version of the closing scene climaxes with the “Herbert Hooverization” of Trump and allies worldwide by imposing an indefinite economy-killing “shelter-in-place” regime upon Planet Earth. Psychopath Bill Gates for example — who, in my perfect world, would to be beaten to death with hammers on live TV — is calling for up to an additional TEN WEEKS of shut-down.

As the above-listed pro-depression / anti-“get back to work” headlines clearly indicate, we know which ending that “the paper of record” prefers.

1 . Trump: “America was not built to be shut down.” He has stated repeatedly that he wants the country back to work by Easter (4-10-20 is “Good Friday” this year, and corresponds to his initials, DJT) // 2. Fake News and Demonrat Governors want to keep the country shut down. // 3. The goal of the Ghoulish Governors is to do to Trump what they did to President Hoover.

For the benefit of the historically rusty, a bit of Real History precedent review is in order here. 

In 1928, Republican Herbert Hoover was elected President by winning 40 of the then-48 states. It was the third consecutive Republican landslide (Harding, 1920 & Coolidge, 1924). Hoover had inherited from his predecessors the booming economy of “The Roaring Twenties,” — and optimistically spoke of continued peace and prosperity for the nation.

About six months into his term, the Federal Reserve and its subordinate banks deliberately choked off the money supply – crashing the highly leveraged stock market in October, 1929 and ushering in the Great Depression. As businesses across the country fell like dominoes, the Fed continued to contract the money supply so that both businesses and individuals couldn’t get their hands on enough currency to repay the old debts from the bubble years.

Hoover, for the most part, resisted the commie call for “action” — wisely stating:

“Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds must be healed by the action of the cells of the economic body – the producers and consumers themselves.”

That sure didn’t go over too well with the Globo gangsters (cough cough) who engineered the crash. Like a trio of con-artists working the same “mark,” the Fed continued to throttle the economy, whilst the Fake News falsely blamed Hoover for not “doing enough,” whilst the Communists organized “spontaneous” street actions like the 1932 “Bonus March.” The End Result: The election of 1932 brought an end to 12 years of conservative Republican governance by installing Franklin Demono Rosenfeld in the White House in a 42-state landslide — along with a Democrat super-majority in the Congress (most, but not all of them leftists). America would never be the same again.

1. “It (the Stock Market crash) was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all.”

~ Louis McFadden // Congressman (R-PA), Chairman of House Banking Committee. Testified in Congress (1933).  In 1936, McFadden suddenly dropped dead after attending a banquet. // 2.  Months before the election of 1932, the Communist-led “Bonus Army” incited thousands of World War I veterans to camp out in Washington and demand their World War I bonus money before retirement. When General MacArthur was brought in to bust-up the Red Rebellion, Fake News made Hoover into a tyrant. // 3. The coup was successful — FDR wins in a landslide.

Early on in his presidency, Trump took control of the Fed by dumping Globalist Janet Yenta Yellen (cough cough) and appointing Jerome Powell (the first non-Jew to chair the Fed in over 30 years). With the Fed having been tamed, the removal of Trump by the tried & true tactic of spiking interest rates / contracting money supply — which was the original plan (here) — was no longer an option. CoronaMania was therefore designed to do what the Central Bank could no longer do, namely, crash — Herbert Hooverize — the Trump’s stock market and economy – albeit by different means than those utilized in 1929-1932.

Right on cue, from, March 25, 2020:

Headline: Will Trump Become the New Hoover? (here)

And this from the Washington Compost, March 23,2020 (accompanied by images of Trump and Hoover)

Headline: Covid-19 may destroy Donald Trump’s presidency

Sub-headline: Has Trump plunged America into another Great Depression? (here)

Bastards! But should we really be surprised? (((They))) don’t care about how many people they murder in foreign wars; so why would (((they))) give a rat’s butt-hole about how many American get thrown out of work? Our lives mean NOTHING to these monsters which so many millions of normies hold in such high regard as “public servants.”

Like the “Russian Collusion” hoax of 2017-2019; and like the “Ukraine Phone Call” hoax of 2019-2020 – CoronaMania seems destined to backfire – maybe. The unpredictable “X-Factor” here is that 24 of America’s 50 states (including the two most populous states of California and New York) have Demonrat Governors. If enough of these repugnant villains (Newsome (CA), Cuomo (NY), Pritzker (IL), Murphy (NJ) et al) were to collectively scheme to keep their respective states on shut-down — in spite of Trump’s Easter target date for a return to normalcy — the Governors (and some big city Mayors) could inflict enormous damage not just upon the people of their own states, but on the nation as a whole.

It will be interesting to see how the coming civil war between the conveniently all-of-a-sudden “states’ rights” Demonrat Governors and the President plays out. Our money is on Trump coming out of this latest take-down scheme smelling like roses again. However — if mass arrests of the criminal perps who just caused us to dump 2 Trillion on the National Credit Card don’t come out of this golden “National Emergency” opportunity; then one has got to start wondering how and when “The Storm” will ever happen. Not getting discouraged here – just a little antsy. We just need to see some bad guys disappear and die soon. That’s all.

– That being said, where the hell is Tom Hanks?”

1. Trump saved his presidency early on by taking the unprecedented action of essentially firing (refusing to reappoint) Fed Chairman Yellen. // 2. With the Fed ‘Hooverization’ option no longer viable, the Globalists are counting on scum such as Governor Newsome of California to keep the economy is a slow motion election-year implosion over this Coronavirus nonsense. // 3. Hanks and his wife were supposedly “diagnosed ” and then “released from the hospital” with minor symptoms  11 days ago. Where is he? And what is his right hand in the last seen Instagram image attached to?

In accordance with the dictates of New Jersey’s insane and evil Governor Phil Murphy of Goldman Sachs, the Boobus Brothers are at home, “sheltering in place” ™ as they “social distance” ™ from their equally stupid and frigid wives.


St. Sugar: When the Boobusses sstart to feel the pain of not having a paycheck, they will sside with Trump againsst the Governorss!!

Editor: That’s quite possible — but the script for the final act of this secret war can still go either way, in my judgement.

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