Massive Bailouts Coming for the Wealthy… at Your Expense

Massive bailouts coming for the wealthy… at your expense
The wave of bailouts now being considered by the government will shovel literally trillions into the pockets of wealthy corporations, executives and globalist businesses, all while looting the pockets of the taxpayers. A massive financial theft is about to take place, and it will lead to hyperinflation and the crushing of your savings, pensions and other dollar-denominated assets. Get ready for another round of endless “bailout money.” See the full, disturbing story here. Some notes: The global health system is collapsing, according to WHO. Commercial real estate is on the verge of a cascading collapse that could end many banks. Sen. Rand Paul has the virus, and Los Angeles has stopped even trying to test people for it. Things are going to get way, way worse. This disaster has only just begun. We’re posting everything at for the latest podcasts, videos, articles and numbers. Stay informed. Stay alive.

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