“DeBartolo and Walsh were Still Considered Associates of the Genovese/LaRocca Crime Family. Why is Trump Pardoning Organized Crime Family Members Billionaire Associates?

Les Wexner’s Lawyer Shapiro Murdered & Here is the Cover-Up: Police Accidently Release a Report Linking Leslie Wexner and the Mob

The football greats Jerry Rice and Joe Montana — as well as the singer-songwriter Paul Anka — urged the president to pardon Mr. DeBartolo, who pleaded guilty in 1998 to concealing an extortion attempt. Mr. DeBartolo avoided prison but was fined $1 million and was suspended for a year by the N.F.L. He later handed over the 49ers to his sister Denise DeBartolo York.

Comment: In this link below Shapiro Murder File complete.pdf DeBartolo is linked to the Genovese Crime Family.

Shapiro Murder File complete.pdf

From New York Times article:

Trump Grants Clemency to Blagojevich, Milken and Kerik

The president also pardoned or commuted the sentences of eight others on Tuesday, including Edward DeBartolo, a former owner of the San Francisco 49ers.

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